Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's talk about something that makes you blush your skin. Or really my skin, because honestly, I don't know much about yours. And your skin houses blushing so I wasn't lyin'.

My skin is causing me to have an identity crisis lately. It kind of goes like this: we all know that I'm a granny pants when it comes to sleeping. There's just something about 9:30 p.m. that makes it a blissfully perfect time to go to bed. On top of that I'm pretty sure that I'm starting to get wrinkles, or crinkles as I like to call them, on my forehead {see above photo for proof that I am not over-exaggerating} . My queen mother has told me since the young age of 3 that I worry too much and that if I didn't wipe all that worry off of my face I'd get pre-mature wrinkles. QM was right. Thirdly, because everything is better in a list, I am also still breaking out like a 14 year old drama queen {See above picture again}.

I'll sum it up for you: 22 years old for realz, 95 year old bed-time, 50 year old forehead wrinkles, and 14 year old pimple skin. What's a girl to do? I have a few tried and trues, but I have a hard time sticking with a certain face wash, moisturizer, etc. Mostly because they are so pricey, and it pains me to not be spending that money on fun things, like shoes.

Here are my tried and trues. I would put my 14 year old skin's life in any of their hands:

1. Clarisonic PLUS. This thing is a blessing sent from on high and I will cry gallons of tears the day it dies. I like using it with this green  face brush and this body brush. It's pricey, but oh so worth the investment. I promise you a million times over.

2. MAC Cleanse Off Oil. Never ever again will I go without this. It takes off everything. I obsess about it a little more here.

3. Jason Natural Vitamin E Oil. I lather this stuff on my face every night. I tried to use it during the day, but I kind of felt like an oil slick - and how much more pre-teeny could I get? If you decide to try this I recommend getting the 5,000 IU for your face, it's thinner and more manageable. I got 32000 IU once and it was the goopiest mess I've ever encountered. Really. I think that's more for reducing the appearance of stretch marks on thighs, I've heard it's a miracle worker in that way too. Any way, put it on before bed and wake up with skin as supple as a baby's bum. Oh and I'm obsessed with putting it on my neck and decollete. I'm also obsessed with the word decollete.

4. Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Firm. Okay, I don't REALLY know how wells this works, but it feels fantastic. It's an eye treatment, and luckily my worriedness crinkles hasn't taken over that part of my face yet. I think of this as an investment in the prevention of crows feet. It's pricey, but my little tube has lasted me over a year and I'm only half way through.

5. Aspirin Mask. Love.

The only things missing are a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Right now I'm using all Dermalogica, and it works okay, but hasn't knocked my socks off. I have a few ideas for a new cleanser and toner that I'll share later BUT...

The jury's still out on the face lotion. Any suggestions on a phenomenal moisturizer? Suggestions would be much appreciated.

And this is why I love blogging.


  1. i'm in the same boat. i really really want to switch to a new face wash, but nothing's callin out to me!

  2. I do believe that u should avoid putting any oil on your skin if u are prone to break outs, the vitamin e oil should not touch your face

  3. I've read a lot about vitamin e oil and I don't that that's my problem, but oil has always been one of those grey areas for me.

  4. Okay Ladies, you should stop using all the crazy acne products, your skin is too mature for those. I switched to the simple brand. I use their cleansing cloths and the light weight moisturizer. One month later my skin is super smooth and I have no break outs!! Plus you can buy the simple brand at Target!

  5. Ooooh Chelsea, I feel ya, Sister. I'm 28 and still breaking out like a 14 year old. I've been on accutane, retin A, pills, creams, other prescriptions, you name it. My skin overall is ok, but I still randomly break out. I am a fan of purity by philosophy; I also love philosophy hope in a jar with SPF (but not in a jar, they have it in a tube) for a moisturizer. But I recently tried Fresh Soy Cleanser and I LOVE it..

  6. That Soy cleanser looks dreamy, I think I may have to try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Mary Kay all the way! I use the microderm abrasion and haven't had a break out on my face for almost 1 whole year!!!! Seriously I can't live without it. Also Mary Kay's Cleanser and Moisturizer and specific to your skin type and Ash+Moose is right. Oil should not be on your face! All of Mary Kay's face products are oil free. I can give you a deal on the products. And if you'd like you can even try them all at home before you say I do to the purchase. I will never ever use anything else on my face! Even with all the hormone changes I've had, these products keep my face clear always! And they are anti- aging!!!

  8. Chelsea, I'm almost 32 and still have the same issues... wrinkles AND zits! What the heck?!?!! I use TimeWise Cleanser and Moisturizer by Mary Kay. I have tried lots of things, but I like that MK doesn't have funky scents and they are all oil free and feel light on your skin. Good Luck on finding one that is best for you!!

  9. Don't feel bad, some nights I go to bed at 8:30!!! Some of us just enjoy getting to bed early and getting a good night sleep! xoxo A-