Thursday, January 17, 2013


Last Friday my most favorite (and only) niece and I went on a date to the Tree House Museum in Ogden. Her mommy had some major painting to do and I had a free day, so it worked out perfectly. We sang lots and lots of primary songs on the way there and gave three cheers once we pulled into the parking lot. She was a little bit excited, but I'm pretty sure she was mostly excited to get out of the car.

As soon as we got in there she was oh so polite and waiting in line with me to pay and the second we were official, she was off. I spend a solid 2 hours chasing her around oohing and awing over all of the wonderful treasures she'd found. Her excited face really is the best. If you ever get to see it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Brooklyn's most favorite part of the museum had to be the baby hospital. She picked out her baby and didn't let it out of her sight until we had to leave. She stayed busy giving her lots of kiss, feeding her, and wrapping her up in a blanket and throwing her head first into her bed. It was all glorious fun. 

As I'm sure you'll notice almost all of my pictures have some kind of blur to them, because that's what Brookie is, a blur. Literally.

Once we decided that we were both good and tuckered, we made the trek back home. Again, more singing was involved, but this time my partner fell asleep on me. It was time to take that tired baby home.

Later that day we had play date part 2 with uncle j.rue. Lots of apples were eaten and blue's clues were watched.  On the way back to her house we sang about 12 lovely renditions of "hey jude." Lips were puckered and our "na nas" were perfected. It was a lovely day. A snowy one, but still lovely none the less.This little girl was oh so excited to get back to her mommy though.

I don't know if you remember, but Brooklyn and I are kindred spirits and birthday sharers. I'm really never going to let her forget it :)


  1. i absolutely love this. thanks again sooo much! she just loves you.

  2. what a cutie pie. that museum looks ridiculously awesome.

  3. How sweet!


  4. Awesome post buns! Our niece is so cute and she certainly loves her bday buddy.