Monday, September 11, 2017

September: Baby Month!

Okay, so we're not even halfway through September, but it is baby month and we are SO excited over here! If I'm being totally honest, it depends from day to day my level of excitement. I'm always looking forward to it, but I'm also finding myself being very overwhelmed and scared. I know they're all normal things to feel. I'm trying to soak everything in, feel it all, and then let the bad things go. So far, it's working quite nicely.

As I've said before, Ellie can hardly stand it. I told her baby brother would be here in 2 weeks and she immediately took it as 2 days...which is still basically forever in her almost-4-year-old world. We did a name switcheroo on her a few weeks ago and she said she didn't want anything to do with the baby if we changed his name. Silly girl. She actually stuck to her guns until we had the sweetest bedtime conversation. She was asking about heaven and why she jumped down first. I told her it was because she was first in line and oh so brave. She loved that. And then she looked at me with almost sad eyes and asked if she gave Fitz a hug before she jumped down into my tummy. I got a little teary eyed myself and I told her that I was positive that they gave each other the biggest hug and kiss and promised to be together soon. Then she asked if she hugged the baby as well and called him by his actual name that we will be giving him. It was the sweetest experience and she has been so excited ever since. She also threw in there that she hugged her baby sister that's coming after this baby...we'll see. I love the sweet spirit that children bring into our home. There is nothing like it.

Fitz probably has no idea whats about to hit him, but he has been sweetly playing with Ellie's baby dolls and its enough to make me melt. He has me wrap them up, he rocks them, kisses them, gives them a bottle, and puts them to bed. Then we're met with lots of "sshhhhhh's" for the next 5 minutes. It makes me happy that he's so sweet and does give me a glimmer of hope. He also loves to poke my belly, say "bebe", and then kiss it. I die. Seriously, kids are the best, especially when they're yours. Fitz has been a little slow to talk but this last week he has started stringing 2-3 words together. Most of them have to do with trucks, tractors, or motorcycles, but when he says "love you mama" followed with a kiss, well I wouldn't trade that for the world.

Random pictures, but Ellie and Kendall showed up to church in the same dress, which also happens to be Ellie's favorite, so we had to get a picture of these 2 hooligans. Oh, I love them. And would it be a Chelsea blog post if I didn't include a few sleeping pictures. I guess I'm kind of creepy that way. I just can't resist a still sleeping angel child.

Just a few random pregnancy facts before we wrap this up:

1. I actually packed my bags before my due date. With Ellie I packed my bag on my due date and with Fitz it was the night before I was 11 p.m. as we were leaving to stay with my mom. How ridiculous am I?! I think it's just some weird mental block, like I don't want my body to think that I'm ready. Silly, I know. But, at 37 weeks, I am packed! Baby boy can stay put for a bit longer, but it does give me a nice peace of mind, which I'm desperately searching for this pregnancy.

2. Before I got pregnant I started attending High Fitness classes. They are so hard for me, but have been the best workout. I didn't keep up with working out during my previous 2 pregnancies and have always regretted it, especially after Fitz. I actually was not able to loose much weight after Fitz at all, so getting pregnant with a bunch of old pregnancy weight was a leap of faith for me. Anyway, I promised myself that even if I had to march in place during the whole class, I would workout and go to High my whole pregnancy. And guess what?! I've totally done it! I'm not even bragging, I'm just very very proud of myself, and I should be! It has not been easy. I was a little hit and miss my first trimester, but really started to dedicate specific dates and times to attending during my second and third trimesters. With the exception of a few weeks, I've made it 3-4 times a week religiously. I'm pretty positive that I would have quit about 3 weeks ago unless I would have made myself this promise because man, the jumping, lunges, and squats are getting difficult, but there's not many better feelings than walking out of that class. It's amazing, I've never had an easier pregnancy and I'm positive that it's because I've stayed active. Fingers crossed for an even easier recovery and delivery than last time. I have so much more confidence in myself and my body, and know that I'll be able to keep it up after I heal from delivery.

3. I am a list person and I have most definitely had a before baby list. And again, I've killed it. I think all I have left to do is hang a few pictures in the baby's room, clean the sink, and sit back on my couch and keep the house clean and the kids alive for the next 2 weeks. Ah, it feels good. I'm finding out I will need to start wearing blinders though because there are always projects and gosh dang it, I deserve to relax.

4. Catching up on blogging has been on my list, so this feels extra good. Yay for journaling. My babies deserve it.

Here's to 37 weeks and being full term. Keep getting chunky for us baby boy!

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