Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer Shenanigans: August Pt. 2

We welcomed that amazing solar eclipse on the 21st! Jeremy had the amazing foresight to get a pair of glasses for each of us. I didn't think I'd get that into it, but that morning I cancelled my exercise class appointment and we hung out outside and enjoyed the hazy sunlight. Even though we didn't get the full eclipse, we still really enjoyed the experience. The kids were way more into it than I thought they would be. They would take turns using the glasses and finding the sun, or the moon as Fitz called it. At first I was worried that they would burn their corneas, but I think the best part for them was the actual glasses, so I didn't have to worry after the first few times out. The shadows were my favorite part, so pretty! I also loved the temporary cooler temps.

I'll probably regret this one but...I'm almost to the point of a total eclipse of my feet. I'm starting to feel large and in charge, but am just really happy that I have a healthy growing baby in there and I would give up another 9 months of not seeing my feet to get him.

Jeremy was able to take a few extra days off right before Labor Day, which was the perfect way to wrap up August. We made sure to hit up Cherry Hill 2 more times and it's always more fun with dad. It's crazy to think how much Fitz has grown up just over pool season. He's so big now and my goodness, he needs to slow it down. It helps that he's still a big of a scardey cat in the water and needs his mama.

We also always try to make it to the zoo when Jeremy is off. I think he might like it more than the kids. Plus, I've vowed not to step into the reptile house until after the baby is born so Ellie dies for him to go just for that. We lucked out this time and saw all of the big cats, which are very obsolete during the hotter months. Ellie knows they are Jeremy's favorite and loves going with him. I love how she looks at him with starry eyes, and I hope she always does.

I also jumped at the chance to drag everyone to Ikea with me for some dang frames. I hate that it's so far away, but you cannot beat their frame prices and the other random things you need for cheap! We left Ellie at the play place (her happiest possible outcome) and we had Fitz all to himself. He tried to talk us into a few stuffed animals and we only walked out after a few tantrums.

That night we met up with J+M fam at one of our favorite parks for hobo dinners. It's one of my favorite summer traditions, and we're just now getting to it! We always go AT LEAST twice. Melinda and I have talked and we decided next summer we need to plan on May and August and any others in between are lovely bonuses. This time didn't disappoint and Fitz even made it down the slide a few times on his own. That's huge.

That Saturday I ditched my normal obligations and snuck off to Logan with my equally as pregnant friend Maren. We're literally due on the same day and it's been about the best thing ever. I don't think I would have gotten through this pregnancy without her. Anyway, we drove up to Logan, had the most delicious brunch at Herms, shopped literally until we dropped, went to see a horrible dollar movie, and then chatted late into the evening. It was so refreshing. My for closet as well actually because I came home with a few nursing friendly dresses that I cannot wait to wear. Dresses are my Sunday jam and good nursing ones have been difficult to find. Of course, I got 1 picture...of our food. We even have matching dresses, but I haven't given up. We will get a picture in them before we deliver our twin boy baby friends.

That long weekend left myself and Ellie exhausted. Ellie fell asleep on the long 5 minute drive to Costco on Tuesday and stayed asleep after I put her in the cart. Looks comfy, right?

She also hasn't been loving when I'm gone for long periods of time so she's really been wanting me to put her to bed. I've happily obliged and am always rewarded with the best snuggles. Oh how I love this girl of mine.

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