Monday, October 20, 2014

Eleanor Blythe Turns One

We have a lot of birthday party catching up to do, but for now just look at that cute mug. This girl. Oh this girl. My little heart that walks outside of my body.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dancin' In The Rain

It's pouring rain outside this morning and I LOVE IT. It's not just sprinkling either, it's pouring. It's a good thing that it's my favorite kind of morning because Ellie Bean tried to boycott sleeping. She woke up about 5 times and when she did, she woke up with a vengeance. You know, the kind of screaming that hurts your innards? She did that 5 times last night. We even tried to let her bunk with us, but she was up jumping on her poor daddy at midnight, so she blew that one big time.

Now, I'm sitting here contemplating whether or not body pump is in the cards this morning, it really should be, but you know, it's raining. What is is about the rain that makes we want to be completely unproductive?

And while I'm mourning the imminent end of Ellie's summer wardrobe and naked thighs, I'm kind of digging my baby in jeggings. Because really, that bum! Shopping for her this fall and winter has been so fun. I might have gone a little overboard, but cold weather clothes are my favorite, so naturally I have a problem.


Also, let's please note that Ellie will be one year old in a month minus a day. Because of this, I've officially begun birthday party plans. It's not going to be anything big, but I'm excited to celebrate our little sunshine. This has been the fastest and the best year of my entire life. My heart wants to burst every time I think about it and her and just my life in general.

Jeremy and I have been frantically watching Arrow on Netflix. We're hooked in a bad way. There's a little something for everyone meaning Oliver Queen for me and Laurel Vance for j.rue. I'm totally okay with the arrangement.

In the next photo you'll be pleased to know that not 10 seconds after I took it Ellie pooped on the carpet, a lot. And then she pooped on the tile and smeared it around while I was cleaning up the carpet. I almost cried, but then I laughed, because you guys, I was cleaning baby poop out of the carpet at 6:45 a.m. Never would I have guessed, never. This really is the life.

Lastly, Ellie walks more than she crawls. It look a whole 2 days from learning how to walk for her to think crawling is for squares. And that is exactly what she tells me every time she's recovering from a bumped noggin, "Mom I have to walk because crawling is for squares!" she wails. She's doing it right now as I type actually. Meaning, that's my cue!

Those tiny hands though!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Recap: Wisconsin Edition

At the end of June Ellie and I got to go to Wisconsin to see spend some time with my dad's side of the family. I was so excited to get out there 1, because I hadn't been for 3 years and 2, Ellie hadn't met that side of the family yet! I was super nervous to fly with her by myself but she was an angel (especially with a tiny bit of benadryl). We we're sad to kiss j.rue goodbye, but I think he managed to stay entertained without us.

Also, thank goodness Gap makes hand covers on some of their jammies up to size 6-9 months. While it doesn't super make sense in the day-to-day, in airports it was my lifesaver. We had a 3 hour layover and it was so nice that I could let her crawl around while her whole body was covered.

My dad met us at the airport and my uncle picked us all up and treated us to a late lunch. There was sooo much good food during this trip. SO MUCH. The trip went by way too quickly, like all good trips do but we had the best time!

The thing I was most excited about was Ellie meeting the family. She was on her best behavior most of the time and she loved all of the attention. She loved spending time crawling around her great grandma and grandpa's house and making messes in her wake. It's what she does best. It was so fun to see her with her grandpa and greats, there really is nothing sweeter.

We spent most of our time visiting, which is my all time favorite thing to do with my fam. It was so nice and relaxing just to catch up. I love my grandma's house. I have the best memories there growing up. I remember eating Crispix in the kitchen and just chatting with my grandma. She has always made me feel so special and loved. My grandpa is a man of few words, but several years ago he came to pick me up from the airport, which is over an hour drive back to their town. We spent the driving talking about his childhood and family. I loved every second of it and I'm so thankful I had that one on one time to spend with him.

Like I said before, there was so much food involved. My favorite was the Potosi Brewery. My grandma grew up in Potosi and I loved hearing her stories. We drove around the town and she showed us where she lived and played and I was in heaven. Thank goodness Ellie doesn't mind the car seat, we did a lot of site seeing. Wisconsin is so beautiful and green.

I'm sad that I didn't get a good photo with my Aunt Kathy. She was kind enough to let us stay with her. Ellie tore up her house as well, and she didn't seem to mind one bit. I could sit and chat with her for hours and hours, and she baked us the most delicious treats. We didn't get to spend enough time together.

The Sunday before we left most of the family who could got together for a BBQ for my sweet grandma's birthday. Again, more good food but the best part was the company. It was fun to catch up with my cousins. Now I just need to convince them to come out and visit (we'll even meet in Vegas!) I'm jealous, almost every single member of our family lives there. We're sad that we have to miss so much.

It was so fun to be able to spend a whole week with my dad as well. He lives a state over, so we don't get to see him as much as we like either. I know he loved spending time with Ellie. Family really is the most important thing that bring the most happiness, easily. I love my family so much.

My Dad spoiled Ellie and bought her a few accessories so we had to have a photo shoot of course!

(I'm sorry I couldn't resist!)

We got some adorable photos. Of course she wouldn't smile until AFTER we were done taking photos, but what can ya do? Right after we finished up our pictures it started to rain pretty hard and there was actually a tornado warning for the area. Luckily, there weren't any tornadoes, but the wind did some serious damage around town. It kept things interesting to say the least.

It was so hard to leave after the week. I got teary eyed a few times, but we're shooting to make it back again next summer, hopefully with j.rue in tow. 

Thanks for having us!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Day-To-Day

While I'm working on getting my summer recap photos together (there are sooo many photos) I just wanted to make sure that I didn't forget about the day-to-day, the best tiny parts of life. I'm kicking myself for not doing more "day in the life" posts so I can remember the little things and see how quickly things change. My little tiny is a lover of routines, but also likes to change things up to keep her mommy on her toes. I'm going to start putting one of those posts together too, but for now just little snippets will do.

I remember when I was so nervous about quitting my job. I was scared that I would be bored (HA!) or that I just wouldn't like being home all day. Now, after almost a year I can proudly report that I haven't had a single boring day, the housework is never finished, and I have slight mom guilt over working while Ellie is awake. I love it. Being home isn't easy or a cop out, it's a challenge. One that I wake up every day excited to take on.

Now onto our little bean...

It's a miraculous thing that my tiny helpless newborn has blossomed into a curious, busy, and oh so delightful little girl. I guess she's still technically a baby, but she's taken her first steps and is getting braver everyday. That's straight up toddler if you ask me. Her little body radiates pure joy and she's brimming with giggles and mischief. Oh she's curious.

We still have plenty of cry sessions during the day. Most of the time it's because balance has been lost and heads are bumped, but sometimes her koala is rude and trips her, and other times she just needs some snuggles. Thank goodness the sadness is always short lived.

This girl flaunts some serious sass. She loves having an audience, and when there is no audience to be found she makes sure her stuffed animals are in full attention. Growing up I was never attached to anything thing and neither were my brothers. It's been an interesting adventure having a child attached to a stuffed animal. There's always a great debate whether or not to risk bringing Wallace (the koala) to the store, on a walk, or to a friend's house. He's been left in Zupas, on the sidewalk, and in a Target shopping cart. We've lucked out so far and have found him each time.

Having a busy body comes with messes, lots of messes. She dumps out the dog's food and water daily, drags things to and fro throughout the house, and lately has taking a liking to bum cream. That was my bad, but really? The mouth? Aveeno is semi natural, right?

Look how brave ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Ellie and I spend a lot of alone time together. We're so grateful to have a wonderful daddy/husband who is willing to work so hard for us, but it doesn't mean we don't miss him, especially as of late. The long hours are hard on all of us, but little moments like this make things a little easier. It's the saddest when he get's home after Ellie has gone to sleep. Lucky for him, she sometimes decides to wake up to greet him. This girl loves her daddy. His homecoming is full of squeals and arm flapping. Every. Time. It's the cutest.

Thank goodness for the weekends. She loves waking up and having her daddy home to play with her all day. J.rue took Ellie to the aquarium with his brother last Saturday and they were gone for 4 hours. Yes, that means that I had 4 hours to myself. At home. I didn't even know what to do with myself. But of course, I was counting down the minutes once they told me they were on their way home. I'm a little addicted to my people.

We are so glad to have good friends (and future husbands) to hang out with while daddy is gone.

(he really does love her, he just doesn't like being forced into snuggling)

The day to day really is so delicious.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Recap: Zions Edition

This summer has been fast and furious, but one of my favorite to date. You know when you get that itch that you need to go on vacation? Well I got it, and I itched it and itched it, and itched it again. Between the 3 of us, we've been gone the majority of the summer. Sadly, most of the time it wasn't together. Luckily, this trip was!

The beginning of June is when I got a little itchy for adventure. So we talked our friends, Jake and Heidi, into go with us down to Zion's National Park for some hiking. Some of us had never been and some of us hadn't been in forever so we were excited to get some exploring in. We rented and drove down in this tank of a car, because why would we want to drive separate!?

Good times were had by all. It was hot but Zions is surprisingly shady -- in the good way. With kids things were a little more slow going, but I think it helped us stop and enjoy the amazing beauty that was around us. The first day we started things off with a hike along the river walk and the beginning of the narrows, which was covered about 80% by water, so we didn't make it as far as we wanted. It got a little slippery and I was a wreck with the babes in the backpacks. Of course, everyone ended up safe, sounds, and drowsy by the end of the day. We actually made it home with only the most minor of scrapes and zero sunburns!

Funny side story: We got all the way down to Jeremy's grandparent's house (where we stayed) and unloaded the car, and at 2 a.m. we realized that Ellie had NO CLOTHES, as in, we forgot her whole bag. At home. Luckily, I packed diapers and the super basics, but no clothing. Don't worry, her sunglasses made it though. Thank goodness, Jeremy's grandma is always prepared and Ellie had jammies, church clothes, and hiking apparel. Oh, and Holden was kind enough to donate a pair of his shorts for the weekend. It's amazing how much you really don't need when it comes down to it.

We love the Allens! Heidi and I have been friends since freshmen year of college. We lived on the same floor in the dorms and were in the same Kappa pledge class. People are always telling us we look like sisters, and I honestly think that's just what we are, long lost sisters. She gets me, like really gets me. Our hubbs get along swimmingly, which thank goodness for that because it doesn't always work out so well. Also, our kids, they're getting married. Holden and Ellie love each other already!

These two were troopers, I think they liked being on their daddy's backs better than being out.

I'd say day one was a success. We drove home tired and filthy and I loved every second of it!

Day two Heidi and I started the day off by carrying the babies on our backs. We didn't make it a full day, but we had some fun along the way and I thoroughly enjoyed the extra calories burned. Thanks Elles! Those hiking carries are da bomb! I want one, in a bad way. But, until I'm ready to chalk up the cash renting one for $20 is fine by me.

 Ellie got some of the best naps of her life in that thing. Happy as a clam.

The second day ended up being my favorite. We hiked the 3 emerald pools, but got lost between the 2nd and 3rd pools somehow and we ended up scaling up the side of a mountain only to find out we'd hit a dead and and had to scale back down. Of course, Ellie was on my back for this one. See that picture above? It's of a vertical beast. J.rue is literally standing above me. I was proud.

Once we made it to the 3rd pool though, it was well worth it.

Needless to say, we left a little bit of our hearts in Zions and I can't wait to go back. Not pictured were our delish food escapades. There was tacos, pizza, and ice cream involved. Also, tip: we packed a bunch of snacks, meat, cheese, and the most delicious pretzel rolls (from costco of course!) and snacked our hearts out. It was so nice having food on the go. And really, the tip was to just go and buy a bag of those pretzel rolls because you will die and go to heaven. Really, you will.

This trip was also a little bitter sweet because it was the last time that we got to be with j.rue's sweet grandpa Burdell. He passed away about a month later and I am eternally grateful that Ellie got to love on him one last time. I'm so thankful for the knowledge that we'll see him again.

Summer recap, part one: over and out!