Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All Things Valentines Day 2017

All day yesterday I was a little bit sad because I felt like I had dropped the Valentines ball. I hadn't felt great the past few days, so no cutesie Valentines had been bought for my Valentines. I didn't decorate, and our house was the messiest! I mean, the messiest! I went to bed feeling a little bit defeated. As I sat down to write this post, only for records sake, I realized that we didn't have a crappy Valentines Day, or even an ok one, it was a good Valentines Day! One of the many reasons why I love this blog. Let me rewind to a few days before though, just because I don't want to miss any of the cute stuff.

The Thursday before is when we really started the festivities. Ellie's heaven-sent dance teacher had a little Valentines party that she had been looking forward to all week. Ellie and her 2 friends squealed and excitedly told me about their suckers, glittery hearts, and dancing on floor hearts. It was adorable. After everyone was dropped off we started on some Valentines cards for the grandparents and great grandparents. Fitz loved coloring with the white crayon (???) and Ellie switched between dictating notes and writing her name. Her E's have about a million lines in between, but I think they're coming along nicely. I wanted to get a cute picture to send in the cards, which I didn't get done until Friday, and then realized that I didn't have stamps, meaning the cards didn't get sent until Saturday. Luckily, our cards made it to everyone right on time. Nana & Papa even got to open theirs on Valentines Day.

On Saturday, Jeremy sent Ellie and I to the Sleeping Beauty ballet at Capitol Theater. It was so fun getting dressed up together, walking to the theater, and watching her watch the ballet. I'm still amazed that she'll sit through ballets. The ballet is a little different from the Disney movie, so we got a little lost at parts, but I think I mostly figured it out and was able to explain everything to her. She loved the costumes, especially Maleficent (not her name in the ballet) and her minions. We were pretty high up, but it ended up being for the best because Ellie had lots of questions and needed a 10 minute dance break during the last act. She was sad when it was over but happily danced out of the theater when I told her she got to go home and tell Daddy all about it. I love watching the magic in her eyes when she gets to do the things she loves. I love watching her dance through her days. I just love her.

Now back to the actual Valentines Day, it started very early with a tiny girl jumping on me yelling, "HAPPY BALEMTIMES DAY! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!" We made our way down stairs, grabbed Fitzy and ate some delicious cereal. J.rue texted and asked if we'd join him for lunch downtown and we jumped at the idea. We got ready for the day in our pinkest pink (red for Fitzy) and ran out the door. We met Jeremy at the escalators and the kids ran wild through City Creek. We ate at Johnny Rockets and ended our afternoon date in the Disney Store. It was short and sweet and we all loved seeing Jeremy in the middle of the day.

The rest of the day was pretty low key, but I was feeling bad that I didn't have any treats for Ellie. So, after naps, we went to Target for some last minutes Valentines treats. We started with popcorn and then Ellie very specifically requested goomy, gummy, genie jellies. Ha! Of course they were out of most of their V-day candy, so I found a bag of gummy starbursts and lucky for me, "THEY'RE SO PERFECT! SO GUMMY AND SO STICKY!". Yeah, I'm pretty sure Ellie talks in 92% capital letters. Fitz is of course, the most pleasant laid back boy there ever was, and was also happy with a few handfuls of goomy, gummy, genie jellies. We enjoyed perusing the store to kill time before J.rue got home with dinner. We beat him home by about 30 minutes and hunkered down to watch Sword and the Stone. I had a little tiny on each side of me, and even though we were sitting in a house that looked like a tornado had run through it, it was the best. I too often take for granted that I have the unconditional love of 3 people. It's a very good thing.

We ended the night with stuffed crust pepperoni pizza (a Ruesch family favorite!) and Trolls. After the kids were tucked in tight, Jeremy and I ate hot cobbler and ice cream and watched Timeless. Not watching it? You should.

So like I said, not the most glamorous, but as I write it all down, it was pretty dang enjoyable. I love developing traditions that my family is excited about, but I'm so thankful that they're forgiving when I fall short and appreciative all the same. Happy Valentines Day my loves.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Princess Lessons and Weekending

Ellie has been waiting for February 3rd for weeks! Her Nana signed her up for her very first princess lessons and they did not disappoint. She would wake up every morning and went to bed every night asking when it would get here. We picked out her dress 2 weeks before and hung it up in her closet. I couldn't wait to tell her Friday morning that today was finally the day!

When it was finally time to get ready, she put on her dress with the utmost care, slipped on her shoes, and then very specifically told me how to do her hair and makeup. She was so excited that she would hardly even sit still for pictures, so all I got were the few on the stairs. As you can see, she was either too excited to function or thought that a pose was in order. Oh this girl!

J.rue escorted her to his car (which for some reason is her favorite) and they were off. I always hate missing out but there were lots of pictures and videos taken to appease me. From what I was told, there was a lot of dancing, magic spells, flying, and cookie eating. Basically, Ellie's personal heaven. She burst through the door when she got home and excitedly said, "THERE WERE SO MANY PRINCESSES!". She then spent the next 20 minutes divulging every detail to me and then we got on the phone to thanks Nana and of course she clammed right up, but hopefully Nana knows how much she appreciates it. THANK YOU NANA!

The next day was a bit of a let down because of the lack of princess lessons, but Ellie donned her best ballet wear and danced the day away. She also got some coloring in while I bagged about a million pounds of chicken breasts (Thank you for that Karen!) and we are set for a while!

That evening we got a sitter and went out for dinner and dessert. We went to El Rocoto for dinner and it didn't disappoint (and never does!). I loved eating hot food and talking to J.rue without any interruptions. After that we headed to Nielson's for some custard and then we had a bit of time to kill and we ended up just driving around. Jeremy was dying. He said that next time he gets to plan the date, and it will be much better. We'll see hun, we'll see. When we got home the kids would have gladly sent us back out the door, but after a little convincing that she would be back soon, they let her go.

Fitz has gotten into the habit of helping himself to a box of cereal before bed. So, after their late night snack and a dance party, they were off to bed, as were we. We're getting way to old.

This sounds pathetic, but I've been struggling to get the kids ready for (11 a.m.) church on my own, meaning that their Sunday pictures aren't turning out super cute, darn it. We'll get there. Then we took some naps and went to Jeremy's co-worker's home for a super bowl party. The company and food were the best, and to be honest with you, I watched about 5 minutes of the game. We did make it home before the end of the game, and I know it was quite the comeback, and J.rue was not happy about it.

Ellie wakes up every Monday morning so sad that J.rue is at work, and I tend to always agree with her, 100%. The weekends come and go far too quickly.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy February!

As per usual, January has been a little more dreary than I had originally hoped. Every year between Christmas and New Year's I dream of an uncluttered house and new beginnings. While it is always refreshing to get Christmas down and new toys put away, January still always seems to be the coldest snowiest, and longest . Before I had kids, January wasn't too big of a deal, but now that I do have a few children, January also comes with a slew of different illnesses. I think we've been mostly home bound for the past 2 weeks, and intermittently before that. Today I saw a meme that said something along the lines of, "January is the Monday of the year." Can I get an amen?

Being trapped in the house is tough and it begins to take its toll quickly. The kids have been coloring non-stop. Well, Ellie has. Fitz mostly likes to take 1 crayon out of the bowl at a time and then throw each of them on the floor. He also loves to walk around with one gripped in his tiny had and practice his signature whenever it strikes his fancy. That's been fun, except I won't complain because I live in a day where magic erasers are plentiful. That boy loves to scatter things about the house. I spend most of my days following him around and picking up his trail of debris. His favorites are balls, mascara tubes, crayons, and random trinkets from Ellie's room.

We've also cycles through our extensive Disney least 3 times. Fitz will even sit for about 20 minutes, which is a winter miracle. I got Pinocchio yesterday and forgot how much smoking there is! Yikes! However, the music is the epitome of walking down Main Street in Disneyland. It makes me want to ditch Utah and all of our responsibilities and run back!

Today is February though and things already feel different! Well, mostly because we're finally healthy, but I was able to open my windows for about 10 minutes and that's a game changer. We had our little preschool in our house and Ellie and Fitz got some coveted cousin play time as well. Social engagements always perks our moods right up. It must be noted how good of a little cleaner Ellie is with the right motivation. Her cousins are exactly that and she swept through the house in about 15 minutes and had it looking spic and span. We'll be having them over everyday if this keeps up!

 It'll be warming up a bit over the next week, and even though it's supposed to be a wet one, I'll take it! Once February hits I'm bitten by the spring cleaning bug. Today I cleaned our bathroom from top to bottoms, and I'm not kidding, it sparkles. Side note: One of my biggest fears is putting my hands in rubber gloves and finding that a spider in one of the fingers after I put the gloves on. No, it's never happened to me. This fear of ridiculous things is second only to movie theater bathrooms while all the movies are going, but that's a post for another time. Anyway, when I pulled out my gloves today I made sure to vigorously shake each glove and then turn it inside out and then right side in, because I can't even take that chance. No spiders! My favorite cleaner (sorry, not natural) has been the Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner. It's good stuff! I also brightened up our front door with a new wreath. It's amazing what a little color can do.

We have a few fun things coming up over the next few weeks so I'm sure February will fly by and then we'll be heading to Hawaii at the end of March! Then it'll practically be spring, so I really don't have any complaints. I'm determined not to wish away a single day this year, so bring on the movies, crayons, and long chilly days. My kids are growing up too quickly anyway.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Our weekend started off bright and early Friday morning with a trip to the dentist. Fitz was lucky enough to be healthy, so he got to go over to his Auntie Nin's and play with his cousins. He was very well taken care of. Ellie got the short end of the stick and had to come with me because he cough was waking the dead.

Also, super random, but I had to send off a pair of reading glasses to Cale in the MTC, because he has apparently developed old man eyes in 4 weeks. I took it to the UPS store for same day delivery, filled out the form and was on my way. Later that day I got a call from the MTC to verify the spelling of Cale's name. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I probably put down the wrong last name...and alas, I did! They were confused because they happened to actually have an Elder Ruesch, who returned the reading glasses, and could not find one named Cale! I quickly corrected Ruesch to Kwallek and hopefully he got his old man glasses. I am seriously loosing my mind!

That night Jeremy made the trek up to Rock Springs with James to visit his cousin Steven. It was a much needed break for him and I am SO glad that he went. It sounds like there was a lot of sports, eating, and hanging out. Jeremy is always willing to cover for me anytime I ask, and I think I get to have way more fun than he gets to. The kids were sad to have him leave so quickly, especially Fitz. He's becoming quite attached to his daddy, and I've loved watching them together. Dealing with the aftershock of Jeremy leaving was a little rough, but everyone perked up after we got in our jammies. That evening we feasted on Arby's, put Fitz to bed, and Ellie and I ate about 60 packs of pop rocks and watched the Little Mermaid. I made Ellie sleep with me, which she did so very willingly, and we slept great!

Saturday we had a slow morning and then got ready and went to McDonalds to get some energy out. This only happens once in a while so they were both content for quite a while. Then we made a quick trip to Target and headed home for naps. It was so cold getting in and out of the car! I am so excited for February because I feel like there are a few sneaky warm days and we are longing for them. Once everyone was up for naps we went up to Ogden for Alex's bridal shower. Her mom and sisters did an amazing job and we really enjoyed ourselves. Ellie's favorite part was creating a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Sadly, she's 3 and toilet paper is one of the most unsturdy materials on the planet. We got home pretty late that night, so we all went straight to bed.

Sunday morning Jeremy surprised us by getting home early and he sent me right upstairs to get ready for church. I was so excited to go because 1) I wasn't planning on going because the kids were sick and 2) I got to go by myself! I thoroughly enjoyed my hour and a half to myself and happily went back to switch places so Jeremy could make his meetings. While I was gone Jeremy and the kids had a breakfast picnic on the tramp and watched Snow White. He's the best.

That night we went back up to Ogden to my mom's for dinner. It's kind of surreal every time I go into Ogden now because my mom has lived there for 16 years and she's getting ready to sell her house and move to Daybreak. Fitz continued to stay attached to Jeremy's hip and we did lots of visiting and eating. It was the perfect way to end the weekend. I also have to note Fitz's attachment to his blanket. It's a little intense at time, but not over the top, so it's usually juts cute. I'm very interested to see how this thing ends up a few years down the road. 

We ended the night on the phone with Nana & Aunt Tori and then called it. Now I'm already ready for the next one!