Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day 2017

We started off our celebrations this year on the 3rd. Neither Jeremy or I had the energy to attempt fireworks 2 nights in a row with a 7 a.m. breakfast in between so we did our own little fireworks show. Gary and Lisa joined us and we were all exhausted and Ellie had enough enthusiasm for all of us.

Ellie was amazed by her daddy's pyrotechnic skills and Fitz was terrified of everything. He has Lisa put her hand over his face the whole time, plus he was just plain exhausted. I was a little worried that he would freak during the big fireworks the next night, but luckily it's just the at-home kind that make him nervous, especially those little poppers.

Every 4th our ward puts on the best neighborhood breakfast. Fitz was so sleepy from the night before, I let him sleep in and sent Jeremy and Ellie. By the time I got there, no pictures were taken. It was delicious as always and the company can never be beat. We live in the greatest ward.

When we got home Ellie accidentally ran over a bug and was very sad about it. I convinced her it was in heaven and we buried it near the curb.

After the breakfast we continued on with tradition and went over to James and Melinda's for a swim and more delicious food. I love this holiday because there is always lots of low key activities that revolve around naps. It's practically perfect.

After naps Melinda and I went on a Swig run and then we got the kiddos ready for the BBQ at Nana and Papa's. Apparently we were all about the stars this year. The kids were good sports to take pictures because it was HOT outside.

We gobbled up tons of delicious food (lots and lots of corn for Fitz) and then ran off to the Kaysville fireworks.

We've been going to the Kaysville fireworks for years and have loved it every time. We have a spot and everything. It's fun looking back on the pictures, especially as we started adding the kids. Our group has varied every year, but it was fun to have so many of us this year. I remember our first time going was just me, Jeremy, James and Melinda. We went on a whim, sat as close as I think you possibly could to the fireworks and had holes burnt into our quilts. We loved every second!

The fireworks were spectacular and Fitz shocked us all by not moving the whole show. He loved it...probably because they were so far away. We ended the night with me loosing my wallet and making Jeremy drive back to Kaysville with me, at midnight, to look for it. Of course, it was no where to be found. We drove all the way back home only to have Jeremy find it under my seat. Ooops. 

None the less, it was such a good day. One of my favorite holidays for sure. I'm so thankful to live in a free country and to raise my family here. We truly are blessed.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer Shenanigans: June Pt. 2

The rest of our June went by way too quickly, but at a nice slow pace. Ellie spent a bunch of afternoons playing with friends from across the street. She was always so sad when it was time to part ways. One afternoon I found her outside in denial and finding cloud animals. At least she has her imagination.

Fitz has an ear for finding every possible plane on the horizon. He makes everyone stop what they're doing and will not stop yelping until we acknowledge that it's there. We're just trying to get him to call them planes instead of "copters". Well, I'm not trying that hard because it's adorable.

We went to James' birthday party at the Roy aquatic center. It's one of our favorite pools. The kids loved playing together and sunbathing during rest times.

After a month of sitting in the box, we finally set up the tramp. Ellie was so excited. Of course, it's been so hot this summer that the kids can't jump on it between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. I'm thinking it'll be a hit this fall. Wah wah.

I have no idea why this picture was taken, but how cute are these cousins? The cutest.

Jeremy took some time off at the end of the month and it was the best. We did lots of relaxing and the kids just loved having him around. I think he was off for 5 days straight and it was very rough having him go back to work. Fitz especially went through withdrawls.

We started going to the kids movies that the Megaplex hosted on Tuesdays. Fitz struggles hard, but thankfully Lisa is willing to chase him around and share her nachos with him. It's a good time all around and you cannot beat that $1.50 popcorn. Note to self for next year: I do not get service in the theater. It's a bit painful.

Ellie went to her very first primary activity! They celebrated Pioneer Day and she had a blast. She made a covered wagon entirely out of treats that she didn't care for (and I devoured), and has apparently the best snow cone of her life. However, she was very sad when she sucked all of the purple flavoring out of the ice. She graciously let me finish her plain shaved ice.

We've spent more evenings than days at Cherry Hill. He love taking Jeremy with us. He goes down all of the fun slides and is way more fun than I could ever hope to be.

We roasted more marshmallows at Nana and Papa's and Ellie and I can agree that we could go for a good smores every night.

While Jeremy was off the whole crew came with me to my doctors appointment. We of course ended up waiting for about 40 minutes and the kids were nuts, but what can ya do? After, we were all ravenous and stopped at Mrs. Backer's pasteries. Jeremy and I have been wanting to go there for years. It was a cute shop, but sooooo expensive. It was very tasty though and the perfect appetizer to lunch.

We finished off the month and Jeremy's time off with taking the kids to Cars 3. Fitz was a terror and Ellie didn't do too fantastic either, darn it. I was sad because the movie was actually really cute and I can't wait to see the ending. One day we'll make it through a movie, one day...maybe in 5 or so years.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ellie & Fitz at this moment in time

These 2 children of mine never cease to amaze and entertain me. They constantly have me laughing right now and I'm hoping I can remember some of their sweet moments to record as I sit here crunching ice and eating pretzel M&Ms (pregnancy!). Oh, and watching Felicity, again.

Ellie: This girl is a hoot. I love watching the way her mind works. A few nights ago my mom was here visiting and Ellie was shining a flashlight up her nose and stopped and said: "Mimi, why do you have spider webs up your nose?", referring to her nose hairs. Haha. Her favorite name is 'Lovely' and all of her stuffed animals, babies, future real babies, and her name while in princess persona. She's always planning or pretending something. Every morning when she wakes up she asks where we're going and who we're seeing. She's the biggest social butterfly and about dies on Sundays when she can't play with friends. Honestly, this breaks my heart a little because I'm not ready for her to need anyone else but me. A little selfish, huh? She loves saying our family prayers at night and she loves praying for the baby boy to make sure he's a boy, that Grandpa Lasater loves heaven, and that we say, "no no Satan, you can't come into our house today.". Her prayers are full of gold and I need to start voice recording her. One big difference between her and Fitz is their tidiness. Ellie is a tornado who loathes cleaning up after herself. Fitzy closes all the doors, puts away everything and wipes up his sisters spills. How do they even come like this!

Fitz: OK, so this boy had me worried for a little while. He was not, and still isn't, a huge talker. I had him evaluated at early intervention and while he was a little behind, it wasn't enough to qualify for services. This made me feel both good and bad. Good because he wasn't as far behind and bad because I felt completely guilty that I hadn't been putting the time in that I should have with him. He is such an easy going kid and Ellie is...well she demands more of my needless to say, he doesn't get as much of me as I should. The amazing thing is that once I started reading to him one on one every day his words went through the roof. He has about 40-50 words now, which is all he needs by the time he's 2 and he LOVES books. It's so fun to sit down with him and look through all the of the pictures. He's an observer. When we're outside he's always on the hunt for birds, bugs, cars, or planes (which he lovingly calls 'copters). When he sees one of these things, he stops, makes sure you stop, and points it out with the utmost excitement. He's still loving his pediasure and I'm not sure how I'll ever get him off of it. We actually call it his morning coffee because you don't speak or interact at all with Fitz until he's gotten his morning cup. He spends his time inside lining up his trucks on the arm rests of our couches and chairs. He makes different sounds for each of them and takes turns driving them around. He's such a boy and I love watching him.

Baby: I might as well throw in a few updates on this pregnancy while I'm at it. We're officially less than 100 days and I can't even believe it! He's making us a little nervous by measuring small, but we're getting another good look at him tomorrow to make sure everything is ok. I'm sure it will be. Around 10 p.m. every night he lets me know that he's there and kicks around like crazy. I'm starting to be able to feel him on the outside too and can't wait to let Ellie feel him. I'm pretty sure I'm set on a name, but Jeremy keeps throwing new ones to the list, so who knows what his name will end up being. Hopefully we can pin something down before he gets here.

They're all changing so quickly and I want to freeze time but I also want to get all of my babies here. Seeing them together is the things dreams are made of, seriously. I hope they always choose each other.