Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inside Blues

My goodness I am bad at keeping up on this, and I want to catch up on the end of 2014?! I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm still plugging along though, determined to get those little things written and recorded.

This winter has been a funny one. We've had a little snow, a little rain, and a lot of warm days. Except then there's today where it looks like it could be warm, but then it's not really. At all. We've been loving this warm weather, especially Ellie. She begs to go outside the second she wakes up in the morning to push her little stroller.

However, there were probably a solid two or so weeks though where we were sick and then our friends were sick, so we were pretty home bound and I think both of us were about to loose it. Over those two weeks Ellie quickly became BFFs with Curious George and refers to him often, like every time she lays eyes on the ipad. I'm trying to stage an intervention and put her on a detox, but most of the time I just don't have the energy. We'll try harder once it gets warmer for real.

When she isn't binge watching George her second favorite thing to do it lay all of her "babies" on a blanket and wrap them and herself up, over and over and over again. She's very motherly with all of them. She's also taken up the piano, and she's REALLY good. She'll probably master Chopin by the time she's 3, easily :)

By the end of this two week period, I had a severe case of cabin fever, so we spent the afternoon perusing Barnes & Noble and Toys R Us. I'm proud to say that we didn't purchase a single thing. Ellie thought it was rude, but still managed to have a good time.

In Toys R Us she found a lovely large pink dog that she carried all over the store with her. She was plum tuckered by the end and was please to find a place to kick back, relax, and let her chin rest on her chest.

That little outing appeased me, but by the end of the weekend Ellie felt like the walls of our house were closing in on her and she took her frustrations out on a bottle on nail polish. I still don't know how she figured out how to open the bottle. She hasn't done it sense. But all of a sudden she came running to me with the open bottle and brush yelling "priddy!" It was all over her face, chins, neck, lips, and jammies (as you can see below), but it also made it onto our kitchen floor, dish washer, fridge, and carpet. I think we got it out of everything but the carpet. As you can see, she felt really sorry (I think). And she promised never to make another mess as long as she lives. That lasted for about 4 seconds I think.

Of course, you can only stay mad at that face for 4 seconds, so that worked to her advantage. I'm so grateful to have a healthy and active little girl. She's so fun, even when she's jumping off of our coffee table or dumping cheerios (by the box) out onto the couch. I wouldn't trade her. Not for a second.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

15 Months

Today we went in for Ellie's 15 month well-check. Besides it being at 8:30 am, everything went well. I didn't think getting somewhere that early would be a big deal because we make it to the gym every morning by 9, but what I didn't realize is that I NEVER have to get myself ready to go to the gym because, stupid, and planning for 15 minutes of driving rather than 5 also throws a wrench in things. None the less, we made it and just a few minutes late.

The appointment was completely and totally uneventful, which is what I prefer. We have the most awesome pediatrician who will take time to answer my million questions and he's so so good with Ellie. We had to get 3 booster shots. Oh and Ellie wanted me to add that she hates hates double hates shots. I envy all of those parents who say their child cries for 30ish seconds and then is good. Ellie blames me completely and punishes me for about 30 minutes.

She came in at 20 lbs 15 oz (18%) for weight and 31 inches (67%) for height. Oh and her head? It's still tiny, 15%. So basically tall, skinny, and tiny head. Her pants will not make it through the winter, I'd put money on it. Where getting dangerously close to high water status anyway.

As for the rest of 15 months Ellie loves climbing on everything, playing mommy to her baby and all of her other 28 stuffed animals. She loves pushing said play things around in her fashionable pink and yellow stroller and wrapping them up in blankets and giving them sips of her water. She rocks them to sleep and gives them kisses galore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this means she is going to be nurturing and kind. I won't have a mean girl in our house.

She loves eating bananas, cheese sticks, vanilla oreos, and peanut butter bread. She eats everything else (thank goodness!) but she especially loves those things. Oh, and if she can get her hands on some pop, oh she doesn't even know what to do with herself.

Ellie is super social and hasn't acquired the dreaded "stranger danger" yet. I'm sure she's holding off until right before she goes into nursery. She's starting to say some words; mama, dada, no, ruff ruff (what dogs say), cheese, nana, papa, nin, please, thank you, loves, and I'm sure a few other things but those are the big ones.

She's obsessed with having socks and shoes on (oh! and she says shoes) but detests putting any other types of clothes on her body. She loves Cooper and Maggie with her whole soul and I'm eternally grateful that they're patient with her. When I tell her that her daddy is home she runs over to the back door and anxiously waits for him to come home. And then she gives him the biggest squeeze and squeal. It's my favorite thing to watch.

When she wakes up from her naps her crib must be completely cleaned out, blankets, babies and all. She HATES having her teeth brushed (probably more than shots) and even though she'll never admit it, I think she loves wearing hats and headbands. She's getting much better at leaving those on. She loves playing in my makeup and looking "beautiful". She's learned how to fold her arms "for Jesus" and will keep them that way for about 2 seconds.

Basically, we love this girl to pieces. She's the little light that we never knew we were missing. Oh and she still grunts and giggles before giving food. That didn't go away with the nursing, thank goodness.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long Weekends Are Good For The Soul

Our family had a lovely long and lazy weekend and I always hate to see those end. J.rue and I didn't get to spend our anniversary together because I was up at a youth retreat in Park City, and while I had a grand 'ol time, I was more than ready for this weekend. My mom kindly volunteered to watch Ellie overnight. I was worried, mostly for my mom because Ellie can be kind of a turd when it comes to breaking regular routine.

Friday night we went to my brother's basketball game and then got Ellie all set up. After going through my million "what-if" scenarios with my mom, we took off. J.rue and I thoroughly enjoyed our good nights sleep and sleeping in. Our little dolly doesn't sleep in past 7:00 am hardly ever. I didn't even open my eyes until 9. It was heaven. We spent the rest of the day eating out, relaxing, shopping, and test driving some cars, which is surprisingly fun. Mostly I just enjoyed spending time with my love, uninterrupted. We don't do that enough.

Of course, my mom and brother kept us updated all days with photos of our little miss to ensure my crazy mother mind that she was, in fact, behaving herself like a little lady. I don't even know why I was worried, she adores her Mimi and Uncle Cale. Before we picked up Ellie, we snuck in a solid nap and then gladly rushed over to pick her up. Honestly, she could have cared less that we were there. See? I worry far too much.

Sunday we spent our morning at church, our afternoon cooking and napping, and the evening with family. Exactly, how Sundays should be spent. I'm also trying a new thing where I take a picture of Ellie every Sunday. I'm trying to keep better records all around and since we're guaranteed to get ready almost every single Sunday, I figured that this was the perfect day to do it. I'm excited to add siblings to the photos in the years to come and have a fun record of them. Ellie isn't super into the idea, but I'll break her eventually :)

Monday we did lots of shopping and had lots of family time. Errands are much more fun when it's the 3 of us, J.rue makes things infinitely easier, and more fun. We ate lunch at Lee's Mongolian in Ogden, my favorite dive, and Ellie loved it just as much as I do. Oh, and we got ice cream. I love any day that includes ice cream. We ended our long weekend with Anchorman 2, which personally, I would recommend skipping. I only made it about 30 minutes in before falling asleep, but it was less that impressive.

So there you have it, a good equation for a solid weekend. Husband, baby (some of the time) and lots and lots of naps.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FLASHBACK: Ellie's Birthday

Like I said, I am nothing but determined to get caught up on a bit of Ellie's life, starting with her birthday. And sorry, this is a long one.

We had Ellie's birthday party before her actual birthday because I wanted all of our family to be there. I didn't want her party to be super huge, because, well I'm thinking I'm going to slowly start burning out. We decided to do a "You are my sunshine" theme. I think we've sung that song to her everyday of her life, so it just seemed fitting. My sweet friend Katie made the decor and invitations for the party. Look how cute!

Besides that, we kept things simple with some balloons, a million photos of Ellie, and some food tags. It turned our perfect. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not much of a cook, meaning we also kept things simple with the food. We served some soup and rolls, veggies, fruit, and lemonade. I did, however, make some banana cupcakes because our little ray of sunshine cannot get enough 'nanas in her life. ever.

Going through and deciding on a reasonable amount of photos was probably the most difficult part of the decorating but it was also the most fun.I for surely had teary eyes and soggy cheeks by the time I narrowed everything down. She's grown so quickly and has gotten so much less chubby. Bitter sweet is the only way to describe it.

Ellie loved having her friends and cousins at her party, along with all of our other family. She is a loved little gal. We spent the evening eating, chatting, and running around in the front yard and playing hide and seek. Ellie's cousin, Brooklyn, is the games master. We're never bored when she's around and Ellie just adores her big cousin. 

I learned that opening presents with a 1 year old is pretty slow going for everyone involved. Ellie loved all of her gifts, but didn't love getting something fun and then getting it taken away to open something else. Bless everyone for sitting through that debacle. If anyone has suggestions for present opening, please let us know! I'd love to avoid that if possible.

I searched long and hard for the perfect birthday onesie. Isn't it funny how things like that matter SO much, but they actually don't really. However, I am glad that I got this one made (bless Etsy custom orders) because she is our little Ellie Bean. My favorite part was her birthday crown and I don't even think I have a good picture of her in it, oh except in her one year pictures! I'm still a little obsessed with it.

Ellie's actual birthday was much less exciting. We went shopping at Toys R Us, which is her most favorite place EVER. I also love it because she can't verbalize her want for anything but I can still put her down and let her roam the isles. I think we'll be hitting it up often when the winter months start to seem long.

Later in the afternoon Ellie got to play at the park with her friend Sophia. She was in heaven. This gal loves sliding and climbing. It makes me so excited for the coming summer. We'll probably be living at the park and the pool. I'm so excited.

 That evening both of the grandma came over for a mini birthday celebration of Little Caesar's pizza and pumpkin pie, haha. I was going to get Ellie and actual cake but didn't order anything and couldn't find anything not disgusting right off the shelf. Lesson learned. Lucky for me Ellie loved her store bought pumpkin pie and we called it a night!

Ellie also managed to get herself stuck in the dog door. Like any good mother I made sure to run outside and take a picture before rescuing her.

Oh, Eleanor Bean Blythe! I wish I could put into words how we feel about you. You truly are our little sunshine. Your smile, eyes, and little belly laugh lights up the whole room. You surely keep us on our toes, but the difficult moments are far outweighed by the beautiful ones and we just can't imagine life without you. Mom & Dad love you little one.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Last night j.rue and I were spending some quality time catching up on the Bachelor and eating some ice cream. J.rue will  never admit to liking the Bachelor and honestly, I don't think he totally loves it, but it's easy to suck him into just about anything thank goodness! I, myself, don't totally love the Bachelor either, but it's on thus I watch it. Anywho, during one of the 5 hours of the longest episode in Bachelor history we started looking through old blog posts. I've only done a handful of posts since Ellie's been born but it was so fun to see how much she's changed. Her cheeks have shrunk 10-fold sadly. That got me thinking more and more how important this blogging thing is. It really brings so much joy to look through this record, even though my posts are a little big cringe worthy here and there.

Ellie will be 15 months tomorrow and she's turning into quite the little lady and mommy. She got a baby doll and stroller for Christmas and has never been happier. She says "baby" more than any other word, ever, followed by "banana" as a close second. Ellie is obsessed, OBSESSED, with bananas. We can't walk into the house without begging for a banana. I think I need to film that. It's quite the performance. There are "mores" and "pleases" involved with their corresponding sign language followed by endless "nananananananananananas" She eats at least 2 whole bananas today. It's cute, until I have to change her diaper 6 times a day.

Ellie and Brooklyn have started playing together more and more. Brookie has been super patient with Ellie has she's found her (screeching) voice, but when they're both on the same page it's one of my favorite things to watch. Ellie loves her big cousin.

To force myself to catch up I'm going to post one current post and one "flashback" post so we can get some good things in like Christmas and Hawaii! At this rate, I'll either get our new year's resolutions up by next week or March, but they will be recorded!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 29, 2014


While we're still a few days away from ringing in the new year, I thought that I would start one of my new year's goals a little early. Blogging more regularly. No surprise here, I've been saying that since we got back from Hawaii at the beginning of the month. I was planning on recording the trip, Thanksgiving, Ellie's birthday, etc. Of course, that didn't happen. It will though.

Last night I wrote out how I wanted 2015 to look, in list form of course. Then I totally overwhelmed myself because there are quite a few things that I want to do! Then, today Ellie woke up with a sad little fever and has been sleeping on me literally all day. While I'm so sad that she's not feeling up to par, I'm loving the snuggles and I've been sitting on the couch since about 9 a.m. watching New Girl and Gilmore Girls or working all while cuddling my sweet girl. You should see my house right now. It's in shambles. I don't care. I will tomorrow, in a bad way probably, but not today.

Anyway, amongst the many hours I've been camped out on the couch I've been looking at pictures from the last year (bless that google + backup) and I'm so sad 90% if Ellie's year hasn't been recorded, so that stops today. I'll make up for what I can, but mostly we're starting fresh from today.

So today, how sad is this sweet feverish face? She's been given all of the chocolate and sprite a girl could wish for, and has been sleeping the day away. Also, girl loves burritos, and managed to get about half of mine down for lunch and then promptly passed out after. She will eat Mexican food anytime anywhere. It's probably because she misses her Uncle Micah.

Also, I also managed to look equally as cute...and shiny. If we're being honest, I look like this most Mondays anyway. I love Mondays, I really do.

If you know this girl at all, you know she's not a snuggler. Well, a 10 second snuggler at best. I'm filling my reserves as much as I can today.

For the sake of recording, on Saturday I officially weaned Ellie. I'm pretty sure she would have nursed until the end of time if I had let her. It's surprisingly been not as bad as I've been told, but I've done it very gradually, more for me and my weak mother heart, but I'm pleased with how well it's gone. I was planning on being done by Halloween, but as much like everything else in my life, things didn't go perfectly as planned, and also like most everything else, it has worked out for the best. I guess Ellie really isn't officially a baby anymore.

Okay, that wasn't so hard, was it? I'm putting it out in the universe that I'm going to do this twice a week, hopefully more, but at least that. It's not so hard, right? It's not.

p.s. here's my google+ year in review. Yes, there is a photo I look high in. Do not be alarmed, I am not.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Eleanor Blythe Turns One

We have a lot of birthday party catching up to do, but for now just look at that cute mug. This girl. Oh this girl. My little heart that walks outside of my body.