Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ellie & Fitz at this moment in time

These 2 children of mine never cease to amaze and entertain me. They constantly have me laughing right now and I'm hoping I can remember some of their sweet moments to record as I sit here crunching ice and eating pretzel M&Ms (pregnancy!). Oh, and watching Felicity, again.

Ellie: This girl is a hoot. I love watching the way her mind works. A few nights ago my mom was here visiting and Ellie was shining a flashlight up her nose and stopped and said: "Mimi, why do you have spider webs up your nose?", referring to her nose hairs. Haha. Her favorite name is 'Lovely' and all of her stuffed animals, babies, future real babies, and her name while in princess persona. She's always planning or pretending something. Every morning when she wakes up she asks where we're going and who we're seeing. She's the biggest social butterfly and about dies on Sundays when she can't play with friends. Honestly, this breaks my heart a little because I'm not ready for her to need anyone else but me. A little selfish, huh? She loves saying our family prayers at night and she loves praying for the baby boy to make sure he's a boy, that Grandpa Lasater loves heaven, and that we say, "no no Satan, you can't come into our house today.". Her prayers are full of gold and I need to start voice recording her. One big difference between her and Fitz is their tidiness. Ellie is a tornado who loathes cleaning up after herself. Fitzy closes all the doors, puts away everything and wipes up his sisters spills. How do they even come like this!

Fitz: OK, so this boy had me worried for a little while. He was not, and still isn't, a huge talker. I had him evaluated at early intervention and while he was a little behind, it wasn't enough to qualify for services. This made me feel both good and bad. Good because he wasn't as far behind and bad because I felt completely guilty that I hadn't been putting the time in that I should have with him. He is such an easy going kid and Ellie is...well she demands more of my needless to say, he doesn't get as much of me as I should. The amazing thing is that once I started reading to him one on one every day his words went through the roof. He has about 40-50 words now, which is all he needs by the time he's 2 and he LOVES books. It's so fun to sit down with him and look through all the of the pictures. He's an observer. When we're outside he's always on the hunt for birds, bugs, cars, or planes (which he lovingly calls 'copters). When he sees one of these things, he stops, makes sure you stop, and points it out with the utmost excitement. He's still loving his pediasure and I'm not sure how I'll ever get him off of it. We actually call it his morning coffee because you don't speak or interact at all with Fitz until he's gotten his morning cup. He spends his time inside lining up his trucks on the arm rests of our couches and chairs. He makes different sounds for each of them and takes turns driving them around. He's such a boy and I love watching him.

Baby: I might as well throw in a few updates on this pregnancy while I'm at it. We're officially less than 100 days and I can't even believe it! He's making us a little nervous by measuring small, but we're getting another good look at him tomorrow to make sure everything is ok. I'm sure it will be. Around 10 p.m. every night he lets me know that he's there and kicks around like crazy. I'm starting to be able to feel him on the outside too and can't wait to let Ellie feel him. I'm pretty sure I'm set on a name, but Jeremy keeps throwing new ones to the list, so who knows what his name will end up being. Hopefully we can pin something down before he gets here.

They're all changing so quickly and I want to freeze time but I also want to get all of my babies here. Seeing them together is the things dreams are made of, seriously. I hope they always choose each other.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Temple Square in the Spring

Like I said before, I spent the beginning of the year laying on the couch, keeping the kids cooped up. Once we got back from Hawaii and got back on our time schedule, I tried to make it up to them a little bit.

Enter my friend Heidi, who is the best at doing fun things and planning fun things and then inviting us to join. She invited us to go with them down to SLC and see the flowers at temple square. It was so fun to get the kids together and see the beautiful temple grounds. I want this tree in my yard!

We took the kids into the visitors center to see the Christus and they loved that. Then we made them take a million pictures, which was their favorite. Aren't they the cutest though?

After we checked out every tulip, we headed over to City Creek for lunch. It was nothing short of a 3-ring circus with 5 kids, but Jeremy got to join us, so it was all worth it. Then we rewarded their poor behavior with the dinosaur play place. Who am I kidding? That was to reward our super mom status after eating with 5 kids.

We always love adventuring with the Allen family. We'd be bored without them!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ellie's Spring Recital

Ellie has almost officially wrapped up her first season as a ballerina. Apparently after their recital they have a month of dance parties. Oh to be a tiny dancer. She lives the life. We have loved Project Move and her teacher Miss Melanie is the gem of all gems. We recommend her studio to anyone and everyone that will listen.

Monday night, Ellie had her recital, which was the cherry on top of it all. I don't think there are many things cuter than 3 year olds in sparkly tutus attempting a choreographed dance. I had so much fun getting her ready. She is definitely my girly girl. She couldn't wait for me to curl her hair and put on all the makeup that she begs to wear on a daily basis. She has gotten much better as sitting still while I do her eyes. Last time she looks like a sparkly purple raccoon, darn it. After she was dressed and ready she was more than willing to pose for a few photos. During the whole process she kept saying that I was her biggest fan and she was mine. It couldn't be more true. I am by far her biggest fan and I wouldn't rather have anyone else in my corner.

We got to Viewmont High School nice and early to get some good seats, but of course I forgot Ellie's ballet shoes, so Ellie and I raced back home and made it back just before the show started. She ran right into the staging room and cozied up next to her friends. She was lucky enough to have 2 friends for outside of dance in her class this year. Ruby and Abby made dance a little extra fun. They loved singing Moana and talking dress ups on our drives to class during the week. I'm so glad she's already making such good friends.

I always worry that Ellie will freeze once she's up on stage, but of course, she started shaking her hips the second the music started and didn't stop until she was ushered off the stage. She is so fun to watch! She loved watching the rest of the dancers and told me each girl that she wanted to be like when she grows up. I wonder if she will actually stick with it.

 After her dance I went to pick her up and she immediately asked when she got to go back on stage. Luckily, there was an encore this time and she got to take her final bow and hang out with all of the other dancers. Even better, she got to sit right in the front and got a rose from her favorite Miss Melanie.

Ellie was lucky enough to have Aunt Tori, Nana, Papa, and Mimi join her. Mimi had to leave early so no pictures, but she didn't leave Ellie empty handed. She pulled out a huge peanut butter chocolate egg that was devoured in seconds. Mimi always has a good treat hiding in her purse.

Nana and Papa gave Ellie a pinwheel in place of flowers and I wish I would have gotten a picture of her face when she saw it. Best idea ever Lisa! She loved having her adoring crowd with her and was so excited to invite everyone over for cake after!

I had to snap a few pictures with Ellie's friend Abby. They are 2 peas in a pod and I've loved watching them dance and play together. We're keeping our fingers crossed for many more spunky years to come.

We did have a quick cake party after but I didn't get a single picture because I was a useless lump on the couch. I think everyone was in and out within 30 minutes because we were all pooped. We're so grateful to have such supportive family and friends. This is the good stuff of parenting and life.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Lasater

Last Sunday we were able to go for a quick visit to my grandparents house. It was so good to see them, even if it was too short of a time. Ellie and Fitz were so excited to see their great-grandparents and were sad when it was time to go. Fitz ran right to Grandpa and gave him his best snuggles. My grandpa has a way with my kids and it's my favorite to watch.

Ellie performed all of her best primary songs and told them all about Hawaii. She has plenty of kisses for grandpa as well and he just couldn't get enough of her. My grandma has a way with Ellie as well and made her day when she offered to sew up a hole in her dress. I don't think I've ever seen Ellie sit still for that long.

I miss being able to see them whenever I want, so that just made this visit extra sweet. I have been blessed with the most wonderful grandparents. They've shaped a huge part of who I am today.

Before we left, we kidnapped my mom and took her to the park for a little bit. It was nice to spend the time with just her. The best part was the donkeys and chickens though. Ellie wanted to take all of them home, but I reminded her that Santa was looking forward to bringing her a fish for Christmas, so that appeased her...for now. Fitz got bit by the donkey and shockingly enough, kept going back to try and pet it again. They're such little animal lovers. I love that about them and think it means they have extra tender hearts.

Ellie cried when we took her back to my grandparents and made me think about how important family is and how lucky we are to live so close to most of our family, especially now that Jeremy's parents are back. I don't know what I'd do without any of them!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life at Home with Ellie

As most of you know, my Ellie Bean is a social gal. Every morning when she wakes up she comes into my room, sweetly says, "rise and shine mama!" and then promptly asks where we are going and who we are seeing that day. After I ruin her day before it even starts, by telling her no where and no one, I coax a few more minutes of shut eye by handing her my phone, sending her to make her bed, and then snapping a picture to show me. It's only about 5 minutes, but this girl has gone from feeling totally incapable to a rockstar bed maker. Her photo skills are also improving.

But, because I have my annoying pregnancy energy crisis, we don't get out as much as she's used to. She's coming to terms with it more and more and has gotten very creative in the process. Above, she's doing her own form of exercise. It's lasted for about 30.5 seconds. Besides that, she spends her time bossing Fitz, evading naps, and asking for every snack under our roof. She has come up with "bedtime snacks", which she always needs right after I've told her it's nap/bedtime.

Tori moved home and every since then Ellie has been all about her Aunt Tori. She puts up with Ellie's most ridiculous requests and will even play endless games of ispy with her in the car. I don't know where Tori gets her patience. Where ever she gets it, it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Ellie happily shoos me out of the house anytime Tori is over. She doesn't quite get yet that I also like to spend time with Aunt Tori and isn't happy when she has to share.

My favorite thing about spending extra time at home is watching Ellie and Fitz learn to play together. There are times when he drives her absolute nuts and she tries to stick him in time out. On the other end of the spectrum she cries actual tears of sadness when she finds out I've put him down for a nap. But really, for the most part they do pretty well. Their favorite place to hide out together is in Ellie's bed. She's load him up with lots of books and they'll spend tons of time just giggling and looking at pictures. The best was when she came down from one of their hangouts and she told me Fitz smelled like a smelly honey badger and needed a diaper change. That one gave me a good laugh. I've also noticed that when Fitz gets hurt or gets in trouble (by yours truly), he runs straight to Ellie's arms. It melts me into a puddle. He always has the best hugs and biggest puckers for her.

Ellie still misses her Uncle Cale and asks me to take pictures of her to send to him everyday. Cale and I share a love for The Office so we thought he would love this picture and Ellie was happy to oblige.

Anytime we do need to leave the house, she also thinks it needs to be documented...though I swear it's not that bad! Last week was particularly rainy (and snowy) so before she left she said that she looked so cute so we needed to get a porch picture! Haha, have I ruined her or what?

Tomorrow she's made me promise that we'll snuggle on the couch and watch Brave...after we go out and play with friend of course!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Helicopter

A couple weeks ago we met up with my mom at her school in SLC for an event they did for their students. They had police cars, fire engines, crash simulators, and a ton of other response and emergency vehicles for the kids to check out. The coolest part was the life flight helicopter that landed right on the field. As we got out of the car I could hear it coming and we had made it just in time!

Fitz loves anything flying in the air lately, so he was in heaven watching the helicopter land. Ellie thought it was pretty cool too once it got close to the ground. Of course, when given the opportunity to go and check it out, did they care? No. I think Fitz will in a few years but Ellie was just obsessed with the playground. Silly kids. They did love running around it and when it was time for the helicopter to take off, Fitz was not ready to evacuate the premises.

While we waited for my mom the kids enjoyed running around the playground. It really was an amazing playground. It had everything you could ever dream of, plus some. Fitz was a good little brother and followed Ellie to and from her every whim. We will definitely be putting this one on our list of playgrounds to visit this summer.

Once my mom got their she showed the kids another secret playground that had sand and water and music galore. We could have spent all day. Fitz is a bit of a scardy cat when it comes to slides. My mom had to coax him down even the tiniest of slides. It's been very interesting going from a daredevil child to a more cautious one.

After we finished up playing we got some corn dogs from the food truck and spent some time looking at all of the fun trucks and cars. We got Ellie and Fitz a corndog to share and Ellie ended up passing and Fitz finished the whole dang thing. It was almost as big as him. There were also some service dogs in training that my kids couldn't get enough of.  They loved petting them. Fitz did get his feelings hurt when I told him he wasn't allowed to share his corn dog.

We had such a fun afternoon and loved spending the time with my mom. We don't get to see her nearly enough. Thanks Mimi!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pregnancy #3 // 0-18 weeks

I have officially crawled out of the first trimester hole and want to make sure that it's documented, even though 98% of it involves me laying on the couch. I'm due September 30th with our second boy! Y, es it seems that we are on some kind of schedule. When this baby is born Fitz will have (hopefully) just turned 2 and Ellie will be 4 at the beginning of October. Yes, people think we're crazy, but I just want my whole family here. Having a baby in the early fall is pretty great too. And yes, I also know I will be pregnant all summer. I've done it twice. It's not bad, but I don't know any different. Just get me all my babies!

I have to be totally honest, this pregnancy was, and sometimes still is, a huge leap of faith. Fitz's first year of life was one of my hardest. It wasn't completely his fault, but his disdain for sleep was a big contributing factor. Really, in all honesty though, it was the hormones and a lot of growing up that needed to happen anyway. I still wouldn't trade it. It was However, once Fitz turned one, he became a dream napper and night sleeper, just like that! I was finally able to start working out regularly. I didn't feel overwhelmed by life in general. Oh, and I stopped nursing, which I'm pretty sure caused a ridiculous amount of anxiety on its own. I finally felt like myself and it was a beautiful thing.

When Fitz turned 1, I knew our next baby was itching to get here. I had been fighting it and would continue to do so, well, until I got pregnant. I didn't want to give up my body or energy again. Mostly, I didn't want to give up the feeling of finally feeling like I was an active participant in my life again. Sound dramatic? I tend to do that, but it's true.

I got a positive pregnancy test on January 21st and I was nothing but ecstatic. The realization didn't sink in until later and then all of the worries set in. I have kind of miserable first trimesters with lots of throwing up. So my first order of business was to convince myself that this pregnancy would be different. I made it until about 6 weeks and then the nausea set in. Luckily, Diclegis had been invented since my pregnancy with Fitz and while I felt consistent nausea and exhaustion I only threw up when I forgot to take my meds the night before. It was a heaven sent blessing.

Those 8 weeks are always the hardest for me, and they get more and more so each time because I still have tiny people who need me constantly. When I was pregnant with Fitz I would lay on the couch and throw pieces of bread at Ellie to feed her until Jeremy got home while intermittently throwing up. It was ridiculous. Luckily, this time there were only a few days where I couldn't look at food, but still, we made it through our entire Disney library at least 19 times and have watched more Netflix than I'll ever admit. One of the things that I love about having September/October babies, I'm sick during February and March, and nothing exciting happens in February and March. By the time it warms up I feel great and am ready to hit the a maternity swimsuit (ugh!)

The kids handled it really well. They played together more than they ever have, and I've loved watching their relationship develop. Still, I think we were all excited to take off to Hawaii and get out of the house. Amazingly enough, the day after we got to Hawaii I got off of Diclegis and only had a few sick moments the whole 2 weeks. Since then I've felt pretty good in that regard and I thank my lucky stars every day! I still have several food aversions. This time it's guacamole, salads with meat, and eggs. The eggs have carried over all 3 pregnancies, which drives me nuts because it takes me almost 6 months after to get over it every time.

I'm still really really tired and I have a small disdain for all of the girls that get their energy back in the second trimester. Ok, not really, but I just really really wish that was me. My energy has gone up from zero though, so I can't complain too much. I've also noticed this time around that I have to budget my energy stores and it has been the most frustrating thing so far. If I wake up early, exercise, or just "go" too much during the day, I almost have a crash for the 2 days after. It's made sitting down throughout the day easier to justify, but so dumb when I'm trying to get things done, because getting up after sitting down is rough even when you're not pregnant. Am I right?! I've had to give myself a lot of grace and let a lot of things go, which is never easy.

As far as gender goes, I was super positive I was having a girl. Everyone else, EVERYONE, guessed boy, except you Melinda! Thanks for the support! Okay, and Ellie. Ellie really wants a sister still. We were so excited to find out we're having a boy though. It just feels right and Ellie took it surprisingly well. She's just going to be happy to have a tiny baby to take care of. I'm super excited, but a tiny bit nervous at the amount of freedom she thinks she's going to have. It's going to be the sweetest thing, I just know it. I couldn't stand to wait and surprise ourselves, so Jeremy and I found out and then we told Ellie and Fitz by spraying them with blue silly string. There had to be balloons involved too, of course. It was really fun! Since then, I have found all of the cutest baby things Target has to offer and we're basically ready to roll. Having the same gender is going to be so nice as far as reusing all of the things! We pretty much have a name nailed down, and I'm hoping it sticks, but knowing Jeremy and I, who knows!

So, here I am, 18 weeks in. I have once again given up my body and every ounce of energy I posses. I swear I started showing at 8 weeks...and the zits! It's worth it. I'm so excited for September, and am trying not to wish away the wonderful summer we have ahead of us. I want to soak in every second of Ellie and Fitz time I can get. They're getting so big. So, here we go!

Summer, we're ready for you!