Friday, May 11, 2012

Link Love

We made it to the weekend yet again. I'm going to warn you, the links are only luke warm today. I gather them all week and I have developed the following theory, using only the most scientific methods: the better my mood, the better links I find. So, with that being said, this week was exhausting, bla, and I am so ready to kiss it goodbye. I feel like I haven't even had a second to breathe in the last 4 weeks, even on my beloved weekends. This weekend won't be any different, but I'm hoping that since I posted my final grades today {YAY!} next week will be much more low key. Here's to a sunny weekend with full clothes lines and delicious smelling clothes!

My future children will surely need these in their bedroom

sometimes we just need a good fairy tale.

guilty pleasure read.

two girls, two glasses, new favorite.


summer of the mermaid.

lumps and bumps

an answer to prayers. for reals.


Considering different views.

this wedding dress.


A guide to storing fruits and veggies. Where have you been all my life?

I need both of these! ...j.rue?



  1. great post!

  2. I LOVE THIS. you are darling. we are so happy to have come across your blog!

  3. You are darling! I'm so happy I found your cute blog! Next thing you know you will be having a little one! ha we are due with our first and it's soo so exciting!