Thursday, February 9, 2012

Does anyone want to lend me $71.99?

...for seasons 1&2 plus the soundtrack for Downton Abbey? See? Obviously for a good cause. I have been obsessed lately and have made another executive decision that we need Downton Abbey in our own Ruesch Manor. The soundtrack is divine and the story lines do not disappoint. Last week, the lords and ladies of Downton provided a solid 2 days of entertainment while I was down and out. If you have Netflix you can find the first season and PBS has the second season up until the middle of March. You can find those here.

This series will undoubtedly become a regular in my house. I love time-period dramas, they're probably my most favorite. For some reason I can watch those again and again without ever tiring of them. Pride and Prejudice and Emma are other favorites, especially when sick. The BBC series of Pride and Prejudice has helped me through torn ligaments and stomach flus many-a-time.

I cannot wait until season 3 is released. I'm pretty sure the British get to see if first though. Oh, how I wish I was British sometimes!

Also, if you have some extra time today, you could find out which Downton Character you are. There are good ones here, here, and here. Yes. I've taken all three.

Has anyone else caught the Downton bug?

Who do you love the most?

Who do you love to hate?


  1. Oh my heck! I watched the first season of it last weekend....It is soo good! I am in love with
    Branson and adore Bates! So glad I found it!


  2. I love Branson too!!! It really is one of the best shows ever!

  3. I am obsessed too! I've only seen season one because my computer is broken and I can't find iPad compatible season two! It's killing me! Also love Keira knightly version of pride and prejudice, watch it about once a month haha. Hope you're getting over your sickness!

  4. Brooke! You can totally download the PBS app and watch it on your ipad! That's what I've been doing!!!