Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Madewell,

Please come to Utah. Now.
Sincerely, a concerned citizen

Monday night, j.rue and I had a 8.5 minute picnic in the backyard. Earlier that day, we had braved the crowds at wal-mart, put the groceries away, cleaned the kitchen and grilled the burgers, with a little puppy lovin' mixed in. I think j.rue was tired. Of course, I still insisted that we needed to eat outside. So, I grabbed a blanket laid it out, then j.rue fixed it. That boys hates wrinkley blankets. Diva. And then we ate our very well balanced meal of turkey burgers and sunny-d. 8.5 minutes, of almost silence, later I leaned over and said "wanna go inside?" And he said yes. Are you following all of this importantness here? 

So, we went inside. j.rue read or did something scholarly and I exercised. That was that. You know when you're in the early stages of dating and you're in the car and there'es that inevitable awkward silence? And then you feel a panic overwhelm your brain, and because of this panic cutting off the oxygen to your thinker you spout probably the dumbest string of words you've ever uttered in your life. All that in an effort to avoid the awkwardness that you actually just created? I'm so glad that I have a permanent boyfriend now. Silence is golden.

J.rue, you may never die, if not only for the fact that there is no way that I could ever handle dating. ever.again. I'm just too awkward. I think you are just immune to it now, or you tune me out. I think actually you tune me out. I'm a lot to listen to.

And we really do need a Madewell in Utah.  I'm starting a petition. It will be posted shortly. 

That's all I have for you today. How's that for a ground breaking, insanely entertaining, thought provoking post, emotionally charged post? Don't worry, there's more where that came from.

aannnnd It's Wednesday. Give me a break.


  1. I've only looked at Madewell's line online, but it's SO gorgeous!

  2. sounds like a reasonable time for a doggie picnic. and a blanket fixer no less. you got a good thing going there!

  3. yay for picniks. that picture is adorable!! and seriously, madewell just needs to be everywhere. in love!
    xo TJ