Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love day 2012

Good Morn! I hope all of you had a nice and relaxing valentines eve, whether by yourself, with your dog, or significant other.

Last night went just as planned, sort of. We decided to call in for take-out at Texas Roadhouse. I would pick up, assemble onto plates, set up and the only thing that j.rue had to do was walk in at 7:20 sharp. Well, wouldn't you know that the universe {who I think is a scorned lover} tried it's hardest to keep up apart. J.rue got caught in some nasty traffic, caused by a couple of accidents. They were probably trying to get home to their lovers too. Sad.

Needless to say he didn't walk in the door at 7:20 sharp, more like 8:03. But that was okay, because I put the food in the warm loving arms of our oven while I waited. Of course, I could have gone down and set up the blanket, lit candles, made it all cutesie like, but did I? No. Cougar Town was finally back on and I enjoyed every second of it. You have to do things for yourself on V-day too, ya know.

Finally, at 8:03, J.rue had beat the universe and made it home to me. I was waiting for him in the kitchen {like good wives do on valentines day}, gave him a big fat kiss and his last valentine. Then he proceeded to give me a lovely pink love card, with the sweetest hand written message on it. I was blissfully happy, and hungry so I started pulling plates out of the oven and what did j.rue do? Pulled a tiny white bag out of his jacket pocket. I love little surprises so I'm pretty sure I gave out a squeal and then pulled this out:

Me oh my, does that boy know the way to this girls heart! No flowers, no chocolates, just a beautiful little piece of plastic. I'm pretty sure I squealed a little bit more. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy flowers {but I'm never home to enjoy them} and I'm over the moon for chocolate {but my sweet j.rue knows what I'm battling with right now}. Anyway...back to the dinner. He went to change, I got everything downstairs. Of course after everything was on the floor is when I realized that I needed to put a blanket down. I'll admit that it wasn't the most romantic looking love picnic, but we sure enjoyed ourselves. We stuffed our faces with as many greasy things as possibly, drank ourselves silly on sparkling cider, and then laid next to each other discussing how we were planning on getting back upstairs without actually having to get up. We actually came up with some pretty good ideas, but alas we do not live in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It was a difficult feat, getting up those stairs. Oh, you want to see our swanky love picnic? Here ya go:

Please, try not to be too jealous. Especially of the boxes and Christmas/Halloween decor in the background. We made it thru dinner with only 2 disasters. See the plate on the far right, yes your right? That's supposed to be an awesome blossom. Well, that is not the most patient food and it turned into a wilted slightly soggy blossom. Did we eat it? You betcha! Second, we had some sparkling grape juice and I was SO paranoid about spilling it on our carpet {I think I reminded "us" to be super careful about 30 times} So, grape juice got spilled on the carpet. Then we got it up. No harm, no foul. After the meal Coop and Maggie enjoyed the rest of the ribs and we enjoyed spending time with each other.

At promptly 9:21 we'd decided that was enough for the night, rolled each other into bed, kissed our final valentines 2012 kiss, and we were out before the clock hit 9:25. It was glorious.


  1. I love it! Aren't valentines days extra awesome with a hubby, just chill and nice :) glad you enjoyed some Texas roadhouse, looking at those rolls is making my mouth water!

  2. It was nice! I love the cute gifts you gace your hubby!