Thursday, May 17, 2012


I woke up this morning and realized that j.rue and I are leaving for a short trip to Cali in 10 days and I haven't even begun preparing the essentials. Plus, I'll be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday next week and then have a girls camp meeting Thursday night. We leave Friday right after work.  AHH!

This was kind of a funny little trip. We've been talking about going to California for the last year, but we didn't know when because of j.rue's new job. Then we found out we had to go a specific week. Then we weren't going, then we were, then we weren't, you get the idea. Well, it's officially on now and I need to get my bum into gear.

So, my dear lovely readers, if you wouldn't mind helping me out {you do have the best opinions of course}, I need suggestions on:

- A few good beach reads. I hate the ocean in California - much to cold and sticky for my taste - so while I watch j.rue frolic about, I plan on reading under the brim of my floppy hat.

- You're favorite facial sunblock - one that doesn't make the skin rebel and break out.

- Road trip tunes, because, of course!

- Favorite Disneyland ride. I plan on going on them all, but it's all about priorities people.

- Oooh and I'm looking for a good swimsuit cover up

If you can offer any suggestions or California wisdom please feel free to leave a comment or email me at chelsea{dot}ruesch{at}gmail{dot}com.

Please and thank you!!!

p.s. Morgan - we're so excited to see you guys! Thanks a million for letting us crash at your place.


  1. target has come cute cover ups chels. i'm sure you've checked there. that's just what's in my price range :)

    again, i will suggest A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Swan House. I loved both these books!!!

  2. Where are you going in California?? I'm from San Francisco but also lived in LA for 4 years so I have a ton of tips if you're going anywhere near those cities!

    PS- aveeno has an awesome face sunscreen, i think it's called continuous protection? It's so good and smells nice too :)


  3. yeah, where to? in la MILK is a must...have a great trip!

  4. A little bit random, but your blog is ever so lovely xxxxx

  5. I love Garnier B&B cream - it has a high SPF and a lovely tint to give a nice glow. Enjoy your trip!