Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Floppy Hats and Such

Today I'm visiting TJ over at His Little Lady, stop by and say hello! I'm discussing very important issues such as Prince Eric's eyes and when my skirt gets tucked into my underwear. All very exhilarating.

I live in Utah, and honestly there isn't much justification for the purchase of one of those adorable floppy hats that you see everywhere. Well, this summer I'm deeming it as an essential. I am going to one or two beachy places {fingers crossed} this summer, but more importantly; they're good protection from the sun so it could be worn:

1. At the pool - it is on our bucket list at least 4 times
2. Camping - because, why not? Why not I ask you.
3. As a face covering as I'm napping in my hammock
4. For working in the backyard. I do get burned in a matter of moments my friends. It's a gift reall.
4. My in-laws ARE moving to Hawaii and we're hoping to visit them. So it could be used year round. BAM!

So, now the bigger task, choosing THE ONE. This is what I've come up with thus far:


I'm kind of into #1 and #4, but I'd take any of them. Forever 21 has the best selection and prices, but I don't know what their store selection is like. I guess I'll have to go down to City Creek and find out. Twist my arm.

Any other floppy hat suggestions?


  1. this one's on my wishlist! http://www.target.com/p/The-Webster-at-Target-Coral-Stripe-Hat/-/A-13921883

  2. nice selection, I love #5, I think it can go with almost everything!

  3. Kelsey - Thanks for the suggestion. That one is adorable too!

  4. I adore floppy hats! I'm so pleased to finally live in a beachy area instead of Idaho, where I just looked out of place wearing a hat like these most of the time. But you're right, they're good to have for any sunny, outdoor activity! I found mine at urban outfitters last year, maybe they have some more this year? :)

  5. My mom adores floppy hats, I think 9 is one of the ones she has. I like the first one, such a cheery color!

  6. Hi!! Found your blog through His Little Lady and I'm SO glad I did because it is just adorable! Also, I just got the first hat from target and have not wanted to take it off, it is the perfect floppy hat! and I feel like such a lady when I wear it :)



  7. They can be very useful while reading outside in the sun :-) I looked for one last year, but never found the perfect one. I live in Denmark, so it is also few months a year where such hats are justified. Ps I like your blog and as I'm hoping to go to Utah in the fall, maybe I can get some tips on your blog :-)

  8. seriously wishing i could pull off floppy hats!!! definitely loving the first, fifth and ninth ones the most! :)
    xo TJ

  9. Thank you for all of the sweet comments!

  10. just found you via his little lady & i think you're awfully sweet & stylish too. i love the yellow striped hat and the floppy red one on the bottom. total swoon! i had to follow along on bloglovin'! xo.

  11. Hi Chelsea-
    Saw your mini-interview at TJ's blog...I <3 Nat's blog too...and TJ's and now yours. I had a floppy hat fascination last summer and let me tell you I just had to have it- Gap clearance.(I also live land-locked.)I'm partial to the lighter ones because the hot sun makes for a hot head if it is darker (speaking from experience) but I still adore my floppy hat.

  12. Cool picks!!!! I love #1 the most :)


  13. Hi!! Stopping by via His Little Lady. I love this style for summertime. Great selection. #1 is fantastic. This one's great too. My favorite look of the season http://pinterest.com/pin/94786767127539550/

  14. I just got introduced to you over at tj's blog and had to check you out. So I would say hat #5 was my fav, but then I started looking at them all and omg they all are super cute. I say get them all. :) I'm a new follower!

  15. i say we buy one and meet for the kentucky derby! floppy hats are too much fun and you picked some pretty ones!

    xo, lizzie

  16. Super cute picks! My fave is the first one!


  17. have a floppy hat from jcrew and I am in love with it- I find every excuse to wear it. ha. cute post! The truth is- you could never go wrong with any one of those picks. xo