Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Shenanigans: June Pt. 1

When the pool opens it's officially summer!!! We've been anxiously holding onto our Cherry Hill passes since last November and our first visit did not disappoint. We went in the evening with Jeremy and the weather was perfect. Ellie has fallen in love with the lazy river and Fitz tolerates it. I hope he loves it soon. I also hope we go a million times because I can't even fathom swimming with 3 children next year.

Ellie started swimming lessons and can often be found demonstrating "monkey, airplane, soldier" to anyone who will listen. Fitz didn't find being stuck behind those bars amusing one bit, but he loved exploring the other side of the backyard and getting extra snacks. Ellie jumped off the diving board for her first time! I was very surprised at how apprehensive she was about it, but of course once she did it once, she couldn't get enough. There were a couple days that were freezing (like 57 degrees) and raining. I was worried lessons would be cancelled, but the pool was heated and I think all of the parents were jealous of the kids. The warm water looked SO good. I could hardly bring myself to tell Ellie when it was her last day. She was sad, but handled it like a champ. She's already counting down the days until next time.

It's been getting a bit hot during the day so we end up outside in the early morning and later evenings. The kids love wandering around, exploring, and riding their bikes up and down the street. They're exhausting. Also, if you don't already have one, buy a bubble machine. They're the best.

During the day, when the temps are a little too high for my pregnant body, I've been struggling a bit to figure out what to do with them. Ellie basically thinks she's dying when we don't have a full itinerary for the day. One day she wanted to make cooking, so to avoid turning on the oven, we went to no bake route. They're my  favorite. Ellie was disappointed that they looked like poo instead of sugar cookies with pink frosting. She has a type for sure.

I will not deny that they have also had some ample TV time. We put a TV in our room (and I LOVE it, even though it's supposed to be the worst thing even or something) and it's been basically the coolest thing ever to watch TV in mom's bed. Fitz's favorite is when he can sneak up without Ellie noticing and asking for a truck show on his own. He doesn't get many of his own things so I happily oblige.

We've been phasing out Ellie's naps to try and get her to go to bed before 11 p.m. (I wish I was kidding). One afternoon I noticed that she had been quiet for a loooong time so I started looking for her. She wasn't anywhere. Seriously, no beds, couches, anywhere. Finally, I found her between our wall and bed in her own makeshift bed...totally passed 4:50 p.m. She's a tricky one.

We've also been enjoying the Megaplex kids movie punch pass. Fitz isn't quite to the point where he'll sit through a movie, but luckily Lisa has been joining us and she's willing to chase him around. Bless her. Ellie soaks in the movies and has developed an unhealthy love for movie have I.

And of course, we've spent some good time at the zoo. We love that place and have loved going with friends. Now that they've added the park and splash pad, I won't be shocked if we're there almost weekly.

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