Friday, July 19, 2013


My birthday week officially started today at 8:17 am, and while I'm not planning numerous amounts of activities I do plan on milking it. Like, when I'm parched and need j.rue to get me a glass of water for my bedside table at night. Just kidding, but not really. I actually do that almost every night. You'd think I'd remember to do it myself, but alas.

I have noticed that every year I get less and less excited about my own birthday and more and more excited about other peoples. I already have big plans for j.rue's birthday and I think I've found the perfect present. But that's as far as I can go with that because every once in a while j.rue will take the time to read 3 months worth of blog posts...and sometimes that gets me in trouble.

But still, birthday weeks are fabulous and everyone should celebrate them, because you know your mama was completely up in stitches excited for your arrival. You just know it. I was actually spoiled this year and got my birthday present from j.rue early. I've been pining for a set of chairs in our living room since B.E. (before elles, which is basically this whole year plus some). Last Saturday I was given permission to go and pick ONE up, just one. Good enough for me. Because really, I just want chairs in my living room!

Yes, I know my living rooms looks sad, unloved, and pathetic. It's a work in progress and there will be more than 3 tiny things up on the wall ONE DAY, when I can actually make up my mind as to what I want on them. J.rue vetoed my atlas tapestry, so rude, never should have taken it down to paint. So I'm left with blank walls.

Anyway, back to my story. That's it! The chair that I've been coveting for forevers and I finally go ONE, and actually it was the only one in stock at our Ikea, so I didn't really have a choice. And let me just say thank you universe I could just kiss ya and here's why: The second we got the box into the house I ripped it open (literally, and am so not careful with packaging, making past returns so difficult.) and screwed on the legs. Really, that's all I had to do. Fantastic, no? I decided that I wanted chair numero uno in the corner, right by the couch and lamp. Problem was that it didn't fit. It maybe went a whole 6 inches in front of the dang couch. There was no possble way that two of those chairs would fit.

J.rue looked at me which slight disgust/bewilderment because apparently most people measure their living spaces before bringing in new furniture. I'm learning slowly that with the small spaces granted in Ruesch Manor, measuring is becoming more and more imperative every time I bring something in. Luckily Ikea furniture is light so we moved the couch over to the other wall, ugly. So we moved it back. Please keep in mind that when I say "we" I mean mostly (99%) j.rue is moving the couch, but I said they were light.

Finally I conceded that there was no way I could magically add an extra 2 feet to my living room. BUT I was not about to take that chair back. I would have at least one comfy chair in my living room. So we put her in the corner where that sheepskin pouf resides (better pictures lata). She looks so pretty there. Really she does. To take the place of her twin sister whom I'll never meet, we're just keeping our little white rocker up there instead because she doesn't crowd out the couch. I figure Ellie will like to be rocked upstairs too, and then we can creep out the windows and spy on our neighbors. Being a SAHM is going to be so productive for me.

Funnily enough, I was going to write about how it's sooooo cool to have my birthday when it is because the Nordstroms anniversary sale starts right about the same time, because that is pretty lucky if you ask me. And I was going to tell you about all of the purdy things that I found there that I'm pining after, but I feel that this post is tall enough. So, tough cookies Nordys (I hate it when people call it that).

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  1. Let it begin!!! I am starting by scheduling myself a hair appointment for my b-day!