Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ellie's Nightmare Room Pt. 1

AKA the circus room, but as my SIL so cleverly stated: the circus room died. I killed it and I'm so proud.

It just took loads of blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, no blood, but sweat, yes because that just happens in copious amounts as of late. Stupid humidity. Tears too, but just because I get worked up when things don't go exactly my way. Like, how I may have cried when I realized that the cloud ceiling did in fact, need to be painted. And when I found out it would take more than one coat of paint. And then a little more when it dripped on my hair (at least not on the carpet, right?) I'm blaming it on the hormones.

The story of the circus room goes back years actually. Right when J.rue and I moved into Ruesch manor, in October actually, the house was totally livable EXCEPT for what I coined as "The Circus Room". Case in point:

Not only does it have about the worst paint job EVER, it's served as a catch-all for our crap and there is not one straight wall in the place. Try taping. Seriously. I bet you'd cry too. Believe it or not, it was even worse when we moved in. I'm pretty sure my MIL, mother, and I spent an entire day scraping off two layers of wall paper border. The bottom layer was, wait for it, circus animals. Ugh. Then the next family decided that they'd just add their own personal touches and put an elk and deer head camo hunting wall paper boarder right over the top. Let's close our eyes and just imagine the monstrosity for maybe one minute. 

K? K good.

We kept saying that we were going to paint the wall white or cream just to make the room functional, but did we? Naw, there were too many naps to be taken and too much fun to be had. By the way, the only people that ever stayed in our "guest room" were my little brothers. They don't curr.

Once I found out I was pregnant I knew that the room had to be tackled. At first I told myself I would paint it the second that it got a little warmer, but April came and went and then come well...about now. People started asking if the nursery was almost done. Talk about anxiety stomach aches. It was super fun to say nope haven't even started. Plus, you know how I feel about picking out paint colors. So last Saturday j.rue (and the twin) got that bed out (which BTW he wanted to leave in there WITH the crib. See the first picture? and the second? There's about 2 feet in between the bed that was and the dresser with the colorful knobs. Finally we pulled out the measuring tape and the husband was convinced otherwise. Of course I would love to have a place for loved ones to stay, but sorry loves the couch it is for you, at least until Ruesch Manor 2.0.

After the bed was out we threw up one coat of primer, and then another because did you know that red and blue stripes are almost impossible to cover up? So, 4 total coats of paint + primer later and we're sittin' pretty at this:

I know, still a complete disaster, but one step closer. See the cute hideous cloud ceiling? Yeah, one coat of primer does not cover that up either, I found that out last night. Now the room just looks overcast. But trust me, the room is serene when you walk in. I'm in love with this color. In love, and it takes a lot of me to fall for a color. It's funny, when the room was the scary train wreck, like above, I didn't even notice the ceiling clouds, after we repainted, it's all I noticed, thus the tears. P.S. Never in my life have I seen such ridiculous clouds.

So this actually will be a post that's guaranteed to have more than 1 part. This weekend we're going to finish covering the clouds, move the furniture back in, and embellish and hang some curtains. It's ridiculous how giddy this makes me. I think I'll probably wash all of her clothes too. I think putting together her room just makes everything feel 100x more real, more than buying the clothes and the stuff. We're actually making her own little space in our lives. Ahh, October can't come soon enough. Except it can, and I know it will. 


  1. Oh honey I am sorry this room has been so challenging. Good luck with the repainting.

    1. Thanks! I'm just thankful you were there to help get that awful wallpaper off. I couldn't have done it myself!

  2. Jordan and I had a room like that when we moved into our house.. except we called it the aftermath of mexican food.. if you catch my drift.

    1. Oh dear, that sounds WAY worse! If you took pictures, you might want to document that on your blog! Which I love bTW!