Monday, July 22, 2013


If I wanted to sum up 28 weeks into 2 words I could easily do so with ravenous beast. Ugh, it's not even the slightest bit funny, except it is because it's just ridiculous watching my hunger status change from stuffed to starved in .5 seconds. Ask j.rue. Not since high school have I had to get up and get something to eat in the middle of the night. Early Sunday morning I found myself wide awake at 4:15 am, which isn't unusual actually. It's a wonderful time to relive ones bladder. Anyway, I was starving. So, I went to the kitchen, ate a banana, took the small black fur child out for her own potty break and headed back to bed. Also important, not once in my whole entire life have I ever had a hard time going back to sleep in the middle of the night, not a once. Luckily, there's a first time for everything. I tossed and turned, checked instagram (no one was posting, rude), peed (again), and finally gave in and got up after J.rue started quoting scriptures to me. At least one of us deserved to sleep well.

I set up camp in the living room. It's amazing all that you can get done in the wee hours of the morning. I managed to run the dishwasher, sweep, eat my divine panda left overs and watch 90% of Jingle All the Way. Something about Christmas movies in July just gets me, love it. I decided to give sleep another go just as it was getting light outside, about 6:20. The bad part about insomnia? 9 am church. Here's to hoping this doesn't become a regular thing, especially during the week. My awakeness could also have something to do with the fact that I took a 3 hour nap earlier that afternoon. Going to 10:30 am baby showers and stuffing your face with delicious brunch can be hard work. Ya know what I mean?

I had my last ultrasound on Thursday. She's still a girl and her head was literally resting on my bladder. I do not over exaggerate the bathroom trips folks, we've been having this battle since week 12. I just hope she's fine to stay put right there for another 10 weeks or so. My bladder can handle it as long as I always know where the nearest bathroom is. If you'd ever like a guide of the cleanest most accessible bathrooms from Ogden to SLC, you let me know.

Saturday night we finished painting Ellie's ceiling and we finally moved everything back into her room, and when I say everything I mean her changing table (with a million things stacked on it), pouf, and dresser. No crib yet. I did notice that my her closet is jam packed with stuff that I basically have no where else to put so I plan on using one of my days off this week to sort through everything and get creative with little to no storage options. Oh the joys of tiny old houses with almost zero storage and seriously lacking closet space. Maybe I just have too many shoes? I don't know. I still plan on sharing the closet, but I don't even think we could fit a single diaper in there right now. 

Other than the closet issue I'm very pleased with how her room is coming together. A little girlier than I was planning, but I don't know how avoidable that issue was. I found the final crowning jewel to her dresser knobs with the help of my very patient friend Lindsey. It's surprisingly difficult to choose between foxes and stripes (we went with the stripes) Really all we have left to do is finish the curtains, hang the pictures add some storage bins and a crib and we're golden. Eh, that actually still sounds like a lot. It will probably take me until October, but, what can ya do? It almost makes me too anxious for her to get here, so I might need to slow things down.

p.s. my birthday week is in full swing and I'm being treated to a most delicious lunch by the above patient friend Lindsey. We're basically drooling. Oh and I need to give myself a good eyebrow was today too.

p.p.s Brickyard Buffalo has about a million things up today that you're probably going to want. Just a heads up (no they're not paying me to say that).

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  1. It looks great! Have a great B-day week. Missing my Birthday girls! love ya