Monday, July 29, 2013


(how cute is my little birthday buddy in her arial wig? oh that girl was meant for lots of hair. I love her to death)

Sorry, not many posts last week, but for good reason. I worked a whole 2 days last week and took Wednesday through Friday off, partly because of my birthday and partly because I just needed a break before we hire someone and the craziness of fall semester starts up! It was lovely to have the time off, I got a ton done and still managed to relax a little more than I probably should have.

Ellie is getting so so big, I can feel it in my gut, literally. I'm starting to get all those aches and pains that everyone refers to during the 3rd trimester. I actually squatted down to grab something and though she might fly right out then and there. It  freaked me out a little bit so I won't be squatting again anytime in the near future, believe you me. She literally feels like she's locked, loaded, and ready to go. Too bad you're not ready to go little miss. She has GOT to stay in there for at least 8 more weeks, if not for herself AT LEAST for her mommas sanity.

Of course the aches and pains come with more and more movement. I love it love it love it. I feel like she's moving almost all the time, which I probably won't love once she's out of me, but oooh I love it right now. She still hasn't made it up to my ribs yet, which is very polite of her. I swear to you I can feel her bouncing her (whatever) on and off my bladder.  My nausea has come back again a little bit, I just have to make sure that I'm always full and there's nothing too tight around my hips. Like today, I'm for sure wearing my maxi skirt right below my chest. It wasn't made for that, but it's the only way I'll be getting through the day. I'm definitely appreciating the full paneled pants more and more.

Last week J.rue and I were watching some Friends and we started the episode where Rachel has her baby. I've always loved this episode, but this time it made me cry, in the good way. Watching stuff like that (even when it's totally dramatized) gets to me. I'm hoping to drop some good one liners while I'm in labor rather than be the total crazy lady, but who knows. I might turn a little crazy.

Basically, everything just got real this week and she's actually coming. We're actually planning real life events with her in them. On Thursday we bought our plane tickets for Hawaii. We decided to give Ellie a little more life experience and my body a little more healing time before heading to any luaus, so we're jetting off January 1st. As we booked our tickets the website asked for our 3 passengers info. They don't take future birth dates (rude), so we made everything up and now have Little Baby Ruesch on our flight itinerary. Ahh! Melinda and I also spent a good chunk of time discussing fall plans, we are so ready for fall, and I'm going to actually have a baby this fall, and Christmas, and for rest of forever. Que excitement and copious amounts of anxiety.

This week I have a glucose test to look forward to. I've been told to choose the lemon lime flavor, so lemon lime it is. Please bless I don't have diabetes, and if I do that I can find some sort of humor in all of it. Poking myself with a needle, for example.

Coming up this week: Birthday festivities and Eagle Scout stuph.


  1. i love that picture, oh my gosh! she loved having you there to celebrate with her. AANND bring on falllllll!

  2. You could just google Wilford Brimley saying the word "diabetes". That's pretty funny :)

    1. Haha I will keep that one in my back pocket if I need it!

  3. That is an adorable picture! Hope your Birthdays were awesome! We are so excited for your visit! Yipee!