Thursday, August 1, 2013


...that you can now shop online at H&M? Not that it's a totally huge deal because I have 3 within a 30 miles radius. Except that it is huge because who really wants to go and fight the crowds only to find out that your size jeans are STILL sold out?

So, online it is!

Also, Happy August! I've been kind of looking forward to August because come this next Wednesday I'll be exactly 2 months from my due date. When I say 2 months, that kind of sounds like, oh forever, but if I think about the last 2 months, and the 2 before that, they've kind of scarily flown by. Like not messing around at all, those last 4 months. Of course I can't speak too kindly about the months before that because, well, I hated them.

I was whining to myself yesterday because I am boring and have had nothing to write about and then realized that I haven't written about a few good things. So, I'll start with last Sunday. My cute future Mexican missionary brother got his Eagle, and when I say got his Eagle, I actually mean by the skin of his teeth and the tiny hairs on his chinny chin chin. I think he was reviewed and approved a whole 48 hours before his 18th birthday. That's how Micah does it though, when HE wants to not when everyone else in the whole entire world tells him too. I mean, that boy has started more papers than I can count at 11:30 pm. The papers are due the next day. But, he always manages to come through. He's crafty like that. Like one time he called me up at 10 pm and asked me if I had read any good books lately. Of course I didn't think it was weird that my 17 year old brother was calling me up at 10 pm on a Thursday wanting to chat about books, because that's totally in character of him.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had just finished something like "The Help" and was feeling very enthusiastic about it. I told him basically the whole story and answered his very specific questions, like "what were the social themes and conflicts that came up?" and "How did the author engage the reader...bla bla bla." I was just excited because we were having a very deep and intellectual conversation.

The next weekend he called me up and thanked me for the "A" he received on his book report. Ugh, who even does book reports anymore above the 3rd grade?

So, we love this boy and were so proud to see him accomplish this great thing. And honestly, this is the last straw, I am going to start hauling my camera around again because really, these blurry pictures. So dumb.

And just so we don't drag this into another unnecessary blog post, my birthday week, it was fabulous. I ate oodles and gobs of good food, spent time with my main squeeze, and FINALLY got the couch cover I've been dreaming about for oh, 10 months. Basically, I'm spoiled.

How's that for THE dorkiest picture ever, but what they hey. I was so proud of my bib.

And how was the dirtiest pond in all of SLC? Glorious. We basked in it's stink for a whole 20 minutes sweating our guts out, pedaling at about 0.0000000006 mph, but we did love it.

FUN FACT: I finagled 2 meals at The Cheesecake Factory within 5 days. Talented or...? Chicken Costaletta has my heart.

AAANNNNNDDD...if you can tell me where this fabulous work of art ice cream is from, we'll be eternal friends. But only if you want. And we must go together. I'll buy.

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