Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Dear Karma,

After the 6th time, I've finally learned my lesson.

Love, Chelsea

I've always had the goal to get ready every day. I think it's important, as shallow as that sounds, for my self esteem. Putting on makeup takes a whole 8 minutes, laying out my clothes may take 6 (if I'm indecisive for the day) and pulling my hair into a decent do doesn't even take 4. So, why is it so hard for me to do it every day? Really, 18 minutes. And I swear to you every day it happens my day just goes oh so much better. When it doesn't happen, that's when karma jumps in.

For those of you who don't know I'm an academic advisor for my alma mater, aka satan's Utah school. I interact with at least 20 different people on a daily basis. You would think after 2 years I would have caught on quicker, but no. Sometimes (today) I still find myself traipsing into work with not a lick of mascara and the same pants I've worn since Monday. But then, it happens. I run into people that I knew before this thing called marriage. Before marriage I looked a little bit different, and by different I mean better, I'm just being honest. Like when I'm at Noodles during my lunch and run into the boy that I relentlessly made out with for the better half of 2007 (shut up you did it too), or the girl that I went to Lagoon with in middle school, and even better, freshman year room mates. My first question always is, am I wearing a bra? Just kidding, I almost always make it out the door with a bra. Especially lately, yowza. Really, my first question is, "why did I not take less than 20 minutes to make myself look decent?" My second question to myself is, "did I REALLY forget to put on deodorant today?" The answer to that one is sometimes, more often than I'd like, yes. Really, you know you wouldn't like me as much if I lied.

This morning was a dorm acquaintance, and while we weren't close, we ran around kissing the same group of boys and giggling with the same girls. You know?

Needless to say, I now have a lovely full face of makeup on and it only took me 8 minutes.

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