Thursday, April 11, 2013

THE DOCTORS OFFICE LOST MY URINE SAMPLE I had to do another. Do you remember how much I said pregnancy pee cup samples bother me? So much. They told me I could just set it on the same counter as before once I was done, but I made sure to directly hand mine to the nurse, because I will not be happy if more of my urine gets lost again.

This appointment totally snuck up on me. I didn't remember until this morning when I was getting dressed, and then I decided to find some lighter clothing. Because, you know. I did luck out though. The office was a ghost town so I was taken right back and the doctor saw me about 2 minutes later, just as I was getting settled in to return some emails. Rude, right? I know I said I wouldn't be mentioning weight again, but I about fell off the scale when the nurse told me I hadn't gained a pound this whole 14 weeks. That I can live with. I'm sure my reaction will be much different in the next 4 weeks, so when I don't say anything, don't be alarmed.

J.rue couldn't make it to this appointment, not that he really needed to, like I said, boring. But I made sure to call and put him on speaker phone to hear the heartbeat. It was fun because we didn't get to actually hear the heartbeat last time. Poor us, we just got an ultrasound. The heartbeat was at 143 bpm, which apparently is very very good. Actually the doctor just acted very pleased with my baby growing during the whole appointment, so I've decided I like him.

Afterwards, I treated the fetus and myself to a jamba juice and we headed back to work to finish out our day.

Also, I've decided that j.rue and I are quite boring and I always have to scrounge for a picture to add to my totally unrelated posts. Reasons being 1. he gets home late and 2. I'm a lazy turd after the hour of 6 pm. A combo that's not in our favor. But without further ado: shoe shopping for j.rue. Probably one of the most dreadful married obligatory activities I have participated in during our marriage. Boy is indecisive. I won't even tell you how many times we've been to Dick's to look at the same shoes. I also won't tell you the new jokes we come up with each time we visit.


  1. You haven't gained one SINGLE pound?! That is impressive! You must be super healthy, mama!

    1. I was told it would catch up with me eventually, so please don't be too impressed :)

  2. I had the most freak thing happen when I was pregnant. I weighed the same at my 6 week appointment as I did the day Cate was born. Then after I delivered my 7lb 11oz baby I STILL WEIGHED THE SAME. I bloated from the IV and then breastmilk took up a few pounds I guess. Anyway. I've finally lost "baby weight" and am well under where I was at that 6 week appt!
    I love the pregnancy stories. Makes me nostalgic :)