Friday, February 18, 2011

Highway to Dixie

We left for St. George last night, yay! There were several detours on the way so we didn't arrive till about 1:30 this morning, boo. I thought it was going to be a nice relaxing drive. There were 4 of us that were going to make the swap.

Jeremy drove first because he is no good after 10. Really, it's true he starts doing the bob and weave {bobbing his head and weaving in and out of lanes}

So, Jeremy drives about, oh 1.5 hours and I drive next. I've done about 2 hours and I'm ready to switch, but is anyone awake? nope. Does anyone even respond when I say I'm going to run us off the road? nope.

I really wasn't that tired, just bored. EVERYONE was asleep. So, what did I do? Called in reinforcements from some of my favorite ladies to entertain me; Britney, Beyonce, Baby, Posh, Ginger, etc.

I even had the chance to make up a not-embarassing-at-all dance to this song:

If you wanna learn it come talk to me : )

I did get a little too into it and did the awkward pause whenever Jeremy woke up and totally tried to play it off cool. I would then resume to my singing and shimmy-ing when he went back to sleep.

Okay thats all, have a good weekend!

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