Monday, April 8, 2013


I never though I'd make it, but it's arrived, that coveted 2nd trimester. Of course my body wouldn't allow a quiet transition. No, my second trimester come in with loud and resounding vomit. TMI? Well, you should know better by now. I spent my 13w4d at work plastered to their oh so clean porcelain throne. I rounded off the day with a solid 10 throw ups and about 1/4 cup of powerade in my stomach. But I will proudly say that I made it to 4:45 pm and didn't miss a single one of my 9 student appointments. I may have run out during, but whatevs, it still counts. I also went to bed at 6:15 pm and woke up at 8 am. Can you become chemically dependent on Unisom?

Let's address this weeks picture shall we? Bad lighting, tired, no make-up (it WAS time for bed) and some really ugly lighting that makes my arm look as big round as my torso, it's actually not, promise. Also, I haven't gotten pregnancy acne on my face, just on my arms, nbd I have plans for a chalkboard wall in the baby's room, but we just haven't gotten there yet. So, the kitchen it is. I still think most of that bump is bloat from eating almost an entire box of mac and cheese, but it's bigger than last week so documentation was needed. You guys, I'm having a baby! I still blows my mind. A month from tomorrow we'll hopefully be able to find out if b.rue is in fact a boy (to which the majority stands) or a girl (to which only a few but very important guesses stand). The grandmothers will also be able to be there, so we're just excited around these parts!

Let's also address that I will also be reacquainting myself with the gym TODAY so that my arms won't become the size of my torso.

So, my hopes and dreams for the second trimester? That my nausea did just decide to go out with a bang instead of trying to ruin my 2nd trimester. And also that I get that thick shiny hair thing going on VERY soon. I wouldn't be sad if the lethargy disappeared either. I'm hoping to take advantage of the extra energy. Yesterday I was talking to j.rue about all of the things I wanted to get done, and then I kind of panicked, because I have a lot of stuff to get done before I can't totally see my toes. I can't imagine I'll want to be doing too much when that comes to pass.

Of course I need to mention conference and how wonderful it was. It really was wonderful. Jeremy spent Saturday rebuilding our backyard fence with out backyard neighbors and they did  a lovely job. I on the other hand listened to conference while making random jaunts to the bathroom. I'm telling you, out with a bang! So, nothing was accomplished as hoped, but it's really okay.  Sunday was spent conferencing and brunching at my mothers, complete with mormon muffins.

Oh, and Friday was spent with these three. Shopping and eating pizza and TV watching. The good stuff.


  1. yay for a PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yay 14 weeks! exciting!! you are going to love the second trimester, the easiest!!