Monday, April 29, 2013


Is it just me or is this pregnancy thing going by pretty quickly? At least the overall count-down. The waiting to find out what little rue is, not so much (11 days!), but every Sunday morning when I wake up, I just can't believe it. Oh, and no bump picture this week, I really do think that's going to be an every other week thing. I'm just not changing that quickly. However, I did make a huge ball of tape this weekend. That was exciting.

The 16th week wasn't a bad one, not at all. I am getting some of my energy back, as in I can stay up until 10:30 now without feeling like I'm dying, so that's nice, especially for j.rue. Besides that, there wasn't any exciting baby goings on. I'm still shocked and baffled that I have an onion sized person inside of me and I cannot feel him/her move. Maybe I'm mistaking the tiny movements for gas bubbles, but I'm pretty sure they're gas bubbles. Too bad I can't lay still long enough to actually try to feel any movement. That's my goal for week 17, to lie still, for maybe 10 minutes? Ugh, that's just such a long time to lie still and do nothing else.

Last night I had a cray cray dream (but lesbehonest I have crazy dreams every night) that I was at Harmon's checking out, but Harmon's was also my doctors office and I was hoping to meet with Dr. Sharp to convince him to tell me if my baby was really, in fact, a boy. The cashier happened to be one of the advisors that I work with and I was mentioning that I was hoping to see Dr. Sharp. She said she couldn't help me there but after she rang up my head of cabbage she would gladly take me back for a ultrasound. Then, fast forward I was sitting at one of the tables in Harmon's eating a banana split ( a banana split sounds soooo good right now) and she brought me out a binder with pictures of the baby inside. I opened it up and lo, and behold, we were having a boy. The ultrasound picture looked a little ridiculous, or maybe or son is just very well endowed. I'm thinking my subconscious just made it really obvious for me to interpret because really, I don't even pretend to know what to look for on those "it's a boy!" pictures with the arrow pointing to who knows what. Then I had a slight panic because I wasn't supposed to find out until May 9th with j.rue and the grammies. I decided that I would pretend that I didn't know. I'm obviously very selfish subconsciously. Also, now that I've had dream confirmation that it's a boy, I've just gotta know!

Not that this is related, but right before I walked into Harmon's, I was helping the police catch a drug dealer that was living in my house (?) and I took her brick of cocaine over to the police station and while I was walking home these two guys who were "lady kidnappers" tried to catch me with those things dog catchers use, you know the long sticks with the loop at the end? I made it home. Oh yeah, and Eva Longoria was waiting for me. I think I've been watching too many desperate housewives re-runs. Have I ever mentioned that I am terrified of getting kidnapped or that someone is hiding behind my shower curtain?

Oh yeah, I also painted my whole living room/dining room/hallway on Saturday. Don't worry I wore one of those really comfortable mouth masks (some of the time) as to not infect little rue with paint fumes. Yeah, those aren't very fun to wear.

So, I feel kind of bad because these posts are super Chelsea-centric and less so babycentric. I'll try to do better, but until little rue starts communicating through kicks and jabs, there's just not much I can do. I get those weekly email updates, so I do know that his/her rubbery cartilage is turning into bone, so that must be exciting for them. I on the other hand, should start producing copious amounts of various bodily fluids any day now. Just in time for summer. Goody.


  1. Gotta love pregnancy dreams! I started feeling Evelyn kick when I was 17 weeks. You'll probably feel movement soon! And what you think are gas bubbles is probably the baby! That's what it feels like at the beginning, anyway.

    1. I know, aren't they the best? I'm hoping to feel kicks soon, I'm thinking that will make it feel so much more real!

  2. It does! Then you finally KNOW there's a person in there!