Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A little bit of cheesecake and baby

Yesterday was a good day. Sometimes it's nice to break up the day-to-day with a little family outing, and when you throw food and shopping in there, can it get much better?

I owed this little baby toddler (!) a birthday present. Did you know that we share the same birthday? It makes us kindred spirits. And being kindred spirits, I thought she might like a pair of Toms. We found some cute black glitter ones and they were perfect.

Have you ever seen a baby in tiny toms? Well, today is your lucky day...

I know, right? Brooklyn Jayde is the most outgoing little gal this side of the Missisippi and managed to make some friends while we were on our shoe excursion. See that poodle skirt? Friend #1.

She also canoodled her way into the heart of the shoe girl and got a balloon. But, can you blame her? Look at that face!

We finished off the night at Cheesecake Factory. We took advantage of national cheesecake day and stuffed our faces. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of cheesecake. I did manage 2 photos, the rest of the time I was too busy stuffing my face, maybe grunting a little. It was loud in the restaurant. I did want to point out the portion sizes thought. This is HALF, and I was stuffed!

And we'll finish off with one more picture of that infamous Brookie Jayde. Look at that concentration, and that sweet mama.

Friday I'm off the Vegas for a girls trip, a much needed girls trip I might add. There will be much pool dwelling, a little bit of shopping, and Le Reve, my first Vegas show! Where have I been living? Under a rock? I know.


  1. thanks again! a million times!

  2. We nominated you for a Liebster award...please come see at Ladies Holiday. Congrats! Oh and those itty bitty cute!

  3. I. seriously. NEED. baby. toms. Key word NEED.