Thursday, April 18, 2013


May 9th. A whole 22 days until we find out what we're having. It's not that far away!

It really just hit me this morning, like a ton of bricks. We're going to have an actual real wrinkly baby coming to live with us before the year is over. I'm going to dress MY baby up for Halloween (and maybe even go trick-or-treating to get some candy for myself), take MY baby to Hawaii for Thanksgiving and wake up to MY baby on Christmas day. My heart is bursting and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. Which, I need to be careful about because lately 99% of my waking hours are spent at work. How embarrassing. But really you guys A BABY. A baby a baby a baby. I feel so blessed.

The ultrasound appointment is all setup. The grandmas will be present as will the husband. I was going to do the gender reveal thing, but I think I'm too excited to wait, and j.rue looked at me like a crazy person when I mentioned the idea, so it's just not happening with this one. I'm fine with it. The whole thing actually worked out perfectly because my MIL is flying into Utah a day or two before and it will be fun for her to see our little squirmy, especially since she can't be around for the rest. Which is okay, it's just been a lot of puking and whining up until now.

The study coordinator was kind enough to allow me to bring all 3 people. (I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm participating in a first time moms study) I don't think she was too thrilled, but after I explained the situation, she graciously obliged. She also made sure to tell me that they couldn't guarantee that we would find out the sex, I guess another girl had thrown a fit when they couldn't see anything. Some people's kids, you know? I responded telling her that if the child is anything like the parents then they will, in fact, be stubborn, so I'm not expecting b.rue to give it up easily. I mean, you gotta protect the goods.

Besides holding back the tears this morning I've also been oogling baby clothes. I really am going to try and be reasonable for the most part, baby clothes can be so expensive and they grow so quickly, but I'm sorry, Baby Gap has stolen my heart. I'm sure I'll be purchasing a select few things there, especially during their sales. Currently I'm dying over:

all from gap

It's also been quite easy to hold off on buying baby things. Waaaaay easier than I thought. We don't even have a crib. The only things I've gotten so far are a diaper bag and carrier, but PPB was having their outlet sale and I'm too impatient to wait for the next one, PLUS I refuse to pay full price for those bags. Leather bags? Yes. Bags that will contain spit up and poop laden clothing? No. My mom also bought me a stroller, but I didn't buy it, so I'm not counting it :) 

Gloves come off May 9th.


  1. and WE can't wait!!!! (brooklyn and me)

  2. So exciting!! I can't give my vote either way...part of me says boy, but part of me says girl...either way I can't wait to find out. :) p.s.- next time Baby Gap has a huge sale we should do lunch and shopping at City Creek. Camdeb is always in need of new clothes ha ha

    1. Deal! That would be way fun and a good middle meeting place :)

  3. This seriously made me cry! You will be a wonderful mommy :)