Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little bit of Whine and Cheese

Thank you for all of the comments and feedback yesterday! I love hearing your opinions and you better believe I'm going to visit every single one of your blogs, meeting new blog friends is the best! And thanks again to TJ for letting share a little space of her blog. I ended up getting the yellow brimmed hat and am in love. It's perfectly floppy and look at that stellar shade. My pale face is living the dream.

While were talking about awesome summer wardrobe must-haves, I added a couple more gems to my closet. Lets just all agree that Old Navy and Target have been killin' it lately.

Every girl needs a few more prints in her life. Especially prints that aren't stripes, especially this girl.  I fell in love with all 4 prints of this skirt, but decided on this one. I may or may not go back today. Emphasis on the MAY.


Okay these look a little rough on the website, and that's probably why I never coveted them while shopping online. So, there is something to be said about good old fashion in-person shopping. This was the last type of shoe that I needed to check off of my summer shoe list, and a few extras were added along the way. Because, really I have no self control and that's all there is to it.

And now for the whine part of this post. I don't really know where the cheese fits in, except I do love to eat cheese when I whine. J.rue is graduated and will be starting his new job June 18th! We knew from the beginning that he would be doing some training in New York, que wheels turning in my head. A few weeks ago we though he would be gone for a Thursday, Friday, and weekend - wheels still turning...but last night we found out he would be going, not for four days, but for 10 days. So the wheels in my head had produced the most fantastic idea I had ever had. ever. In my most whiniest voice I asked j.rue if I could come. Well, I kind of told him that I was coming. He said okay at first, because, really, is he going to resist me in my saddest, most whiniest voice? no. That boy puts up with way to much whine.

Then, he kicked into fiscally responsible husband mode and started looking up flights and hotels, because we couldn't stay together or fly together - lame, and he asked in his most kindest gentlest voice if I wouldn't mind sitting this one out and coming to the next one. It was also brought up that he would be spending time with his co-workers at this one. I guess to form that manly bond? Apparently, I would be on my own 99% of the time. After hours of negotiations, okay maybe 10 minutes, I am not going to New York, but there is promise of presents brought home to me from Madewell and a visit there in the next year or so.

I did pout and make my whiniest noises until I fell asleep last night. J.rue just patted my head and commiserated with me on the outside. But he's the one going to New York for 10 days, so he couldn't have been too broken up on the inside. It's probably for the best, I am asking for time off in May, June, August, and September with possibly a little November and December thrown in there. Maybe they'll want me at work a little bit this summer? 

So, with that being said, what does one do when her husband is gone for two weekends and a week? 

p.s. no feelings were hurt in the making of this post and there are always smiles and giggles in between whines. j.rue finds my "woe is me" whining quite enduring...or so he tells me. 


  1. I love reading your blog!!! I have to say though 10 days will go by super fast!! I know it won't seem like it but he'll be home before you know it!!

  2. Aw, thanks! I love reading yours too! I'm hoping it will go by fast...I'll believe you, you're the expert!

  3. good call on the yellow one :) you look darling!

  4. aw, yes! loving the yellow hat on you girl! and i loved having you on the blog yesterday ;)
    xo TJ