Monday, April 22, 2013


Every single Sunday morning that I wake up the first thing that I think is, "how many weeks am I?" And then I continue my day and then week amazed at how far I've made it. Around 6 weeks once the nausea and fatigue really hit I would imagine the days where I would be able to tell people I was 14 weeks, and now looky here, I'm already at 16! On the eve of my 16th week I finished my chalk board wall, 3rd coat, and we're still not on good terms. Next week I'm hoping to be able to decorate my  bump picture with actual chalk, because the chalk board paint bosses said I should wait thrice days to actually chalk up the paint. 3! And believe you me, after the battle that I've already had with that black paint, I'm following their counsel. 

I'm still feeling pooped (as pictured above), and that frustrated me for a while, but I woke up Saturday morning after getting a solid 9.5 hours, still tired, and decided that who was I to complain about getting to take extra naps. I'm not tired enough to make me cry in the mornings anymore, just tired enough to take a nap when I get home at 6 and still go to bed at 9:30. What woman doesn't want that? So, in honor of tired women everywhere, I'm taking one for the team and sleeping all I can, because, you know, it's technically the last time that I'll have that excuse. I heard it get's harder when you want to add another to the mix.

I think my nesting has kicked in. I know that it's technically too early, but I've never claimed to be normal. I've just noticed that I've had a growing unrest inside of me whenever I think about all of the things that need to get done. And they need to get done NOW. I spent the better of Saturday reorganizing the office and my closet. The laundry monster had gained power once again, so that had to be managed as well. It was and I'm feeling much better, until I look at the Circus Room/nursery. I really just need to keep the door closed for now. Next weekend Ruesch Manor will be undergoing major painting renovations. It give me anxiety because 1) Choosing paint really is the death of me, I'm just so worried about choosing the warmest shade of grey without it being too taupey, catch my drift? And 2) It's a lot to paint. A LOT. I'll be taking my SIL's advice and taping one wall/day this week so we're rearing and ready to go Saturday morning. Heaven help me.

Lastly, I'll address the weekend, like always. It was lovely and relaxing. Sunday was my favorite. It was warm enough to set up the hammock and nap, we also put the clothesline back up, one of my joys of warm weather. Since we only have one hammock that we bumped each other off of constantly yesterday, we've come to the agreement to just buy another. I'm literally salivating thinking of all of the hammock reading and clothesline drying that I'll be doing this summer. In between my neurotic nesting projects, of course.

Okay, so it wasn't 100% warm yesterday, we don't curr.

p.s. 18 days until we find out if my mother's intuition is correct!

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