Monday, April 1, 2013


This weekend j.rue finally kicked attending the BYU spring football game off his bucket list. Even better, he got to attend with his brother. Still no bump pictures of moi, so this will just have to do for now.

I'm in the last week of my first trimester! I remember puking my guts out at week 6 and thinking "7 more weeks, I'll never make it". Really, I didn't think there was any way I would, and if I did, it would involve sleeping through it all. Actually, I probably have slept through a good portion of it. Even worse than the nausea has been the fatigue. J.rue has not loved that part. On Friday nights he would get home around 8 and I would be ready to leave by 9:30. No social life for him, poor boy. But I tell you, it literally hurt to be awake late. Erg.

With that being said, I'm sure you can guess how happy I was when j.rue pointed out that I was neither sick, nor tired yesterday. I nearly jumped for joy. I even stayed up until 10 last night, but I'm paying for it this morning, so maybe we'll stay at my 9:30 bedtime for a while longer. None the less, it was a lovely Easter present. Speaking of Easter, ours was lovely. The weather acted just as Easter weather should; sunny, warm, and with a light breeze. We went to church with my family and finished the evening with some hammock relaxing and dinner. We also got to have Tori with us for part of the day, and enjoyed hanging out with her this weekend as well. I know the first official day of spring has come and gone, but it doesn't really feel like spring until after Easter. It's just the icing on the cake.

Getting off track. More pregnancy related things...

At this point I can proudly say that I've grown a fetus with vocal chords and finger prints, and that now he/she's the size of a peach. Do you know how long I've wanted to eat a peach since I've found out I was pregnant? I'm going to go hog wild at the farmers markets this year. Peaches and kiwis. By the way I was showered with gifts of many kiwis this weekend by a lovely neighbor (thanks Mary!) and by the Easter bunny (thanks queen momma!). Oh the kiwis!

I never understood why first timers want to be showing so badly. Personally, I've wanted to hang onto my clothes for as long as possible. As I'm slowly, ever so slowly, starting to show, I now understand. Now I just look a little extra chub, and it's the kind of chub you can't really suck in anymore. So here's to me hoping that  it really doesn't take too much longer to get a little bigger. I honestly thought I'd never say that, ever.

We're still taking predictions on the gender, even though we don't find out for over a month. We've had 3 votes for girl and the rest for boy, including j.rue and myself. Sorry girl guessers, so far the odds just aren't in your favor. The only thing that makes me waiver in my prediction is that my SIL's dad is one of the girl guessers and he has an innate ability to guess correctly. He's so good that I almost want to change my vote, but I still have a month to decided AND I'm hoping for that "mothers intuition" to kick in. We'll see.

Here's to moving onto the 2nd trimester and (hopefully) onto bigger and better things.

p.s. my allergies have come for their annual spring time visit.. I about had a panic attack when I was told that I could not take any allergy medicine. I went 2 whole days before pulling out my OK'ed mediciations list and lo and behold, Zyrtec is allowed. Hint to those who have yet to be pregnant; do believe everything us pregnants tell you. Sometimes we just don't know what we're talkin' about. Really.