Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Last night the Kwallek clan joined up to go and see Life of Pi at 7 pm. It never came up, but we'll consider it FHE because we need all the help we can get, really. It being the dollar theater and all, I had no worries of finding seats as we walked in the doors at 7:03. Yes, we would be missing the mini movies at the beginning, but what can ya do? Much to my chagrin, I was wrong and the clan of Kwalleks got stuck in the front row.

The last time I was stuck in the front row was when I had begged my whole family to accompany me to the Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan style) for my 10th birthday. That was before the blessed days of reserved seating and we found ourselves in the very front row. It wasn't the most fun I'd ever had in a movie theater and opted to never sit in the front row again.

But really, last night wouldn't have been so bad except for b.rue is still in his/her first trimester of life, thus making me puke my guts out at the drop of a hat. Have you guys ever seen this movie? If not, let me tell you that about 83% of it takes place on the water, actually in the middle of the ocean where there are always waves. So there's me, the front row, and a sea sick b.rue. Can I just assume you'll figure out the rest? Okay, moving on.


For those of you who have seen the movie, did he shipwreck with people or animals? I've been internally debating this for the last 11.5 hours, even in my dreams. But really, will someone just tell me? And also, did anyone else cry when the Lion didn't even give Pi a lick good bye? I mean come on! Not even a glance. I cried at this part, maybe a little too loud. Actually loud enough that my mom reached over, pinched me, and shook her head. I'm sorry, but my attachment to animals, plus my lovely hormones, plus an allergy induced stuffed up nose. I really was just beyond help. Good thing I was sitting in the front row.

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