Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This may be all just me, but isn't it amazing how a couple extra hours of day light can just change, well, everything? I'm a sleepy person by nature, but when it's dark outside my bed has the amazingly strong hold on me. Meaning, this is especially bad when I get home from work at 6 and it's pitch black outside.

The dogs need to be walked? Maybe later.
The dishes need to be done? Nah.
Exercise? But it's cold and tight stretchy pants provide little to no warmth.

Do you see the pattern that's developing here. I am so unproductive during the winter it makes me a little embarrassed. There were many days that I came home, put on comfy clothes, took off my makeup and set up camp in bed. How bad is that? And what an un-fun thing for j.rue to come home to. It's been a little harder this year because b.rue has been sucking every ounce of energy of out me possible, so some evenings it's all I can do to drive home, but really. I can do better.

Another fun pregnancy fact about me is that I cry in excess amounts. Oh I already mentioned that? Well, anyway, I started watching the Biggest Loser finale right before I left work and teared up every time a contestant came out. I kept thinking, if they can loose 100+ lbs, I can totally do the dishes after work. Bless you Biggest Loser. So, even though that morning I had told j.rue that I would be driving home and promptly be putting myself to bed, I didn't, and boy was I proud.

I made my way to the library and grocery store (and I'm serious, this is amazing), watered my grass, culled the mail, walked the furs, and cleaned the  kitchen. Okay, I'll be honest not the whole kitchen. I managed to clean out the fridge, but we had a few choice tupperware containers which housed contents that cannot be identified that we took to a SUPER BOWL PARTY. Maybe that's why my house has had a funny smell. I tried, I really did. But after 3 dry heaves into my kitchen sink, I declared it a job for j.rue. Which, I might add, was gracefully accepted. Bless that j.rue.

Then I decided to make dinner. Really, don't be too proud, it was (sponge bob) mac and cheese. And I'm sorry but the character mac and cheese just brings a little something extra to the table. I decided to finish watching the Biggest Loser finale while getting everything ready. Of course I started crying again. So, lucky  j.rue arrived home to a blubbering wife with a snotty nose hoovering over his freshly cooked mac n cheese. Delightful. Of course he ate it without a second look, that unpicky j.rue. Bless him.

So moral of the story: All you need is some extra daylight and some motivational reality TV to rid you of the pregnancy poops. As is pooped, tired. Who knows what to do about the other kind.

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