Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Remember this picture? This is the night we found out. My eyes are puffy because I had a panic attack not too long before. I think I was a zombie for the next 48 hours, but hey, we're good now.

And nope, not a St. Patty's post. I actually forgot about that holiday, but luckily wore my green jacket to church. So, no pinches for me, except from j.rue, but his bum pinches come on a daily basis. It's fine. Anyway, the actual point of this post is about my cravings and other things actually. Because lets be honest, I can never keep it to just one topic. How boring.

Thus far in my pregnancy (the whole 11 weeks of it, I am such a wuss) I haven't had any of those pickle and ice cream cravings. Instead, if I hear something that sounds good I basically obsess over it until I can get my grubby hands on it. For example: soft pretzels (which I have yet to obtain), caramel apples, buffalo wild wings, crinkle chips with french onion dip, and now green fruit. Oh, the green fruit. I literally CANNOT get enough of it. On Sunday I at 6 kiwis. In probably 5 minutes. 6! I'm pretty sure that we can't afford for me to eat 6 kiwis a day, unless I sell my car or something. Does anyone want to buy an 11 year old RAV4? Her bumper's only been ripped off twice...

Want to see the picture that spurred this green fruit lovin'? It's from this website, so I hope this isn't considered stealing? Dang blogs! If they aren't causing me to covet another woman's closet, it's making me envy her green fruit!

How divine does all of that look!? I'm for sure making my way to TJ's during lunch to pick up as much green fruit as possible. Yes, it needs to be green. Apples make me want to gag and you don't even want to know what bananas have been doing to me lately. Also, don't even get me started on eggs (not a fruit, I know).

Lastly, the gender. I think boy. My cousin thinks boy. My SIL refers to b.rue as a boy. My mom has wished boys on me every time I was naughty since age 6. Random people say boy. So I would like to just know that I'm having a boy already! Do you know how many cute boy nursery things are on sale right now? I have this perfect vision, but can do absolutely nothing about it. And now it's only appropriate to add: #firstworldproblems 

Feel bad for me. Please.

People have been asking me if I have a preference. I don't think it's wrong to have one. Even those saintly gals that just claims to want a healthy baby (duh, who doesn't) have at least a tiny 1% of a preference for some reason or another. It's okay! Really. When I answered people I said I wanted a girl, even though I know there is a boy fetus growing inside me. Want to know my reasoning? 

I'll actually tell you anyway. I've always wanted a girl first just to know that I would have one. I would take 4 boys after that. Really, I would. I think boys are going to be so fun. But since my mother has been cursing me with boys boys boys every time I would hit, trip, or sit on one of my brothers, I'm thinking that she rid me of producing any little ladies (just kidding mom, kind of.) But really, that's the only reason why. And if I never end up getting my girl, did you know that I have a niece that shares my birthday? And that her mom basically gives me free reign on what I buy her? So really, my life isn't that sad. Plus, a girl would kind of mess up my nursery plans considering everything adorable that I come up with pertains to a boy. See? I just know.

Also, is it bad that I can't tell if I'm actually starting to grow a bump or if it's just the food baby that I've tried to rid myself of for the past 3 years? #nonflatstomachedpregnantladyproblems

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