Thursday, March 21, 2013


Maybe it's just me, but before I got married and bought a house I really didn't worry too much about decor. My room was fluffy and blue from ages 13-18, and I was totally fine with it. When my mother so lovingly shipped me off to live in the dorms up at the U, we spent the majority of my birthday (and when I say majority, I really do mean almost 7 hours) shopping for dorm rooms stuff at Ikea. Pure torture. It was nice spending time with ma mom, but I would classify her in the "slow as molasses" shopping category. I, on the other hand, hold to the firm belief of "pre-shopping" online, walking into the store, buying what is wanted/needed and hauling arse out of there. I don't browse. My mother does. Again, cute dorm room, but didn't care too much.

Moving on to j.rue and I's first apartment. It was big for SLC, but in a really long narrow sort of way. Guess how many things I hung up on the wall? Zero. I thought it was just fine to prop everything up against our white washed fire place mantle. Plus, what really goes with blood red carpet and pink heart wall paper? It still baffles me to this day.

Finally, we move to Ruesch Manor, and I was overwhelmed with the thought of actually owning a home. Plus, between school and work for both of us, we didn't spend much time there. Come to think of it, we still don't. Anyway, I thought that there would come a time when people would come over to our house, so it needs to be somewhat presentable. So slowly, I started putting things together. Then I discovered Tai Pan and my whole decor world was rocked. You could buy a bunch of cute cheap stuff, and your house would look somewhat put together? Done and done.

Then, one Sunday a few months ago, I was talking with a friend at church and she made a comment about how she thought I would have a really cute house. I was flattered by the comment, but got that twisty embarrassed feeling in my stomach. My house was "fine". If someone were to come over, I wouldn't be embarrassed  It was somewhat homey. But that was about all. I didn't LOVE my house. Okay, and actually, let me defend my house for a moment, it's actually just the front room and dining room that I didn't love. The rest of the upstairs is a-okay. The basement, well, let's just not go there.

And now, here I am. Doing a total overhaul on my living/dining area. J.rue hates me a little bit. He actually started hating me a little more when I told him we would be adding an additional person to the fam and how fun it would be to re-decorate two parts of our house! Obvs, he didn't hate the idea of the extra person, just the extra room decorating. Thankfully he keeps me grounded, because if I had it my way, our living area would have been done about a month ago, and we would be broke as can be.

I've also learned that going to Tai Pan and buying a bunch of cute cheap crap, while still fun, is probably not the most loving way to decorate your space. Pretty spaces are decorated over time with pieces you fall in love with. I've actually learned to love the search.

Speaking of the search. I came across the lovely tic tac toe set a month or so ago, fell in love, and now it's joining our living room ranks. It's also where the title of this post came from. KS Saturday, have you looked at the new stuff? Swoon. 

Isn't it wonderful how many words I have to type to get to the actual point? Also, I'm debating these nesting bowls, but it wasn't love at first sight. So, I'll wait a month or so, and if they're still calling my name, well, you know.

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