Thursday, January 24, 2013


...and apparently us Utahn's don't know how to handle it. In our defense it hardly ever happens here. The freeways were closed, there was spinning at 15 mph and UDOT was basically begging people to delay their commute 1-2 hours. My windshield was freezing over and it was a grand old time. That's all I'll really say about that, I just wanted to remember it, because you know, this NEVER happens. Except that it will probably happen again next Tuesday. So...

Now down to business. I promised pictures of my tiny brightenings up at Ruesch Manor, and guess what? I'm actually going to deliver. Please don't pass out from the shock. We consider Ruesch Manor as our starter home, so we're not wanting to put her through any major cosmetic surgery. I think the most we're willing to do is throw some paint on the wall and change up the decor once in a while. Okay, when I said tiny, I really did mean tiny, as in our bathroom. Each wall is the length of the bathtub, if all 4 bathtubs are overlapping. Make sense? No? Let's just say J.rue and I get grouchy if both of us have to be in there and one of us isn't in the shower.

Okay, so a few things:

1. Once we replace the door, hang some hooks, replace the picture, and steam the wrinkles out of the shower curtain, there will be before and after photos. It might be a while, but it's a start!

2. Isn't our bathroom just the most miniature (full) bathroom you ever did lay eyes on? Me too.

3. If you are ever re-doing your bathroom don't use slate in the shower. Just trust me on that one.

I've always had a thing for yellow, but it's sometimes a little much. Luckily in our tiny bathroom it's just enough to pack a tiny punch, especially at 5:30 in the morning. Unfortunately  I've now woken a monster and am coming up with gobs and gobs of house projects that I'm pining to do. Let's just say that there will be lots  and lots of painting projects once it warms up a bit and proper ventilation measures can be taken. I want a warm calming living space with little pops of color. 

My inspiration:

More to come!

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