Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 TO 23 in degrees. It's cold and hazy outside and I'm just not loving it this year. I do have to say that our icicles this year and like none I've ever seen, and those are purty. Usually, I'm an advocate for equal treatment of all seasons. Sorry winter, not this year. This has got to be one of the first years where I actually craved warm weather, no jackets and sandals. I dream about them. Day and night. Isn't it awesome that it's still January and the snow doesn't really disappear until May?

Has the cold put anyone else in a funk? It's so cold here that I have zero motivation to do much, especially anything outside. After we got back from sunny southern Utah (Pictures by Friday, promise!) this last weekend I decided that since I couldn't change the nasty outside conditions I could at least brighten up our own Ruesch Manor to reflect the sun and warmth I've been craving. Since then, I've made some tiny changes that have made ALL the difference. I think those details will be a post for tomorrow though.

^^just because I think this is a grade A photo ^^

Other things that have made this frigid winter a little more bearable? TV. Not ashamed to say it. Sometimes when it's this cold out, there's not much better than hunkering down on the couch with your electric blanket and listen to the soft sounds of Jillian Michael's verbal lashings. The puppies and I have especially been doing a lot of hunkering. We've also been talking about all of the grand and adventurous walks we'll be taking once it's not cold enough to freeze your eyeballs, instead of the whimpy one blockers we've been sticking to lately.

Also, it seems that the folks over at Samsung have finally decided to upgrade their phones to the actual SWYPE texting instead of the ghastly Samsung Keyboard. I really do wish I had a list of words that that darn thing just wouldn't let me type (queue throwing phone against wall). Mine and J.rue's phone made the transition last night and we did a little happy dance in bed. It's the little things people

This cold has also got me grabbing for lots and lots of cozy layers. These two are currently on my wishlist:


That's enough glum and bla for today. Bright colors coming tomorrow!!

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