Friday, January 18, 2013

AWKWARD PHOTO FRIDAY this is not going to become a real thing. I just found this LOVEly picture of myself and had to share it:

And now for the back story. All four of us were enjoying a lovely meal at P.F. Chang's in downtown SLC and we asked our (very flamboyant) waiter to take a picture of us. I have no issues with flamboyancy, it pertains to the next two sentences, promise. I think he just took one photo and after we asked him if all our eyes were open, smiling, etc. In his most flamboyant manner he said that we all look FABULOUS!, handed back the camera to my SIL, and was on his way with the tiniest of hip swishes.

Of course we pulled up the picture on the screen and that, up there, is what we saw. Yes, 3/4 of us have our eyes open, smiles, etc. I still cannot figure out how he thought this was me at my best? Rude. Maybe he thought my husband was smokin' hot (well, he is) and could have done much better? So this was his way of punishing me? We'll never know.

My SIL then promply put this lovely gem up on facebook, but thank goodness it was lost in the archives until today. And for that, you are welcome.

So there you have it! Awkward photo Friday. If you like it, let me know. I'm sure I could dig up some doosies EASILY.

Hip Hip Hooray for WEEKENDS!


  1. Even if you do get punished by flamboyant waiters, I still love you! Ha ha. -JRue

  2. I think this should become a regular segment :)