Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We'll start this post off by saying that this picture is of me at work. in my jammie pants. Here's how it went down...

J.rue threw off my morning by leaving at 6 am rather than sometime after I leave at 6:30. So, of course I enjoyed having the whole dang bed to myself for a tad bit longer than I usually do. Approximately until 6:20. Don't worry, I was still backing out of my driveway at 6:30. I'm a champion at fast get-readys and get out, my teeth were even brushed.

As I was driving down I-15, while singing some rendition of some Christmas song, I noticed that whatever pants I had pulled of my chair to throw on were extremely comfortable. Then I looked down, did a little swerve (just kidding), and paniced. Because I cannot wear jammie pants at work! I actually had a talk with my boss last summer and he declared pajamas the only non-work appropriate attire for our office. That and being naked. Yes, I know I have an awesome job. That which I am THANKFUL for!

Back to the not-pants pants. I started planning out how I would pull this off. I could sit at my desk and never get up for 10 hours OR at least while I was seeing my students. Then, I remembered that I did one of those awkward change in the cars ordeals (you know the sports bra over the...and the pant on top of the...and then the car drives up next you! NAKED) So, I had pants. It's a Thanksgiving miracle! I surely do not match, but like it said, at least it's not jammie pants.

Apparently, I have turkey on the brain. Know why? Because I have 4 Thanksgivings this year. Jealous? You should be.

Thanksgiving #1 happened last Saturday at my MIL's home. I made the green bean casserole (not good) and we  stuffed out faces all afternoon. It was the perfect Thanksgiving kick-off.

Gosh, I need one of that is.

This one has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, except for the fact that I'm thankful for him. Also, for her:

Shockingly enough, I only pulled my camera out at the beginning and once at the end. So yes, we were joined in feast with these lovely family members, but I failed to take better pictures of them and feast #1. Rest assured, it was delicious.

Later that night my mom took me and a friend to see the last Twilight. I'm not the hugest Twilight fan, but I do have to say that this one was the most well done. Plus, Jacob gets almost naked and I'm down with almost naked Jacob any day. 

On the docket for this weekend (which starts today at 5 pm YAY!!!) 

-Thanksgiving at Snow Basin with my fam on actual Thanksgiving
-Thanksgiving with j.rue's extended fam on Saturday
-Thanksgiving with my fam again because my mom feels guilty about not cooking a feast on Sunday

I'll make sure to post before and after picture of my doomed waistline. 

Happy Gobble Gobble!!!

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