Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've loved loved loved seeing everyone's little gratitude posts over these last two weeks. Some of you are even good enough at posting every day. Last year I attempted to do this, but, I'm sure as you can tell with my blog posts as of late, blogging every day is just something that doesn't happen. I know while I was doing my gratitude project last year, I was thinking that I would leave all of my biggest blessings until the end. Smart right? Why not go out with a bang! But, of course I didn't finish those gratitude posts, so now I am just the girls that is sooooo thankful for Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.

So, over the next few (sporadic) days, I'm going to finish up that gratitude project. But, I'm going to start with one of my most important blessing, you know, just in case I poop out on this as well (which I wont!).

I'm thankful for Jeremy Scott Ruesch.

and let me tell you why...

1. He took me to the Temple and married me for eternity. That is a long time to put up with me.
2. He works so hard for us.
3. He truly just wants me to be happy.
4. He makes up the best songs. Ever.
5. He loves our puppies.
6. He brings me water every night before bed.
7. He wants to be a daddy. And not just any daddy, but the best.
8. He is an honorable priesthood holder who can lead our family.
9. He is brave.
10. He shares my love for food.
11. He always kisses me before he or I leave each other.
12. He is not stingy with the word "I love you."
13. He wants to travel the world with me.
14. He has the best booty. Check if you don't believe me.
15. He is selfless.
16. He emails me during the day while we are at work, just to say hello.
17. He is understanding.
18. He is forgiving.
19. He loves my brothers.
20. He always tries to do better.
21. He likes to eat stuffed crust pepperoni pizza on a regular basis.
22. He lets me be my own person.
23. He loves Christmas!!!
24. He participates in Birthday Week antics.
25. He's mine. Forever.

I love you J.Rue. With all my heart.

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  1. Hey Chelsea,
    great seeing you this past weekend.
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