Monday, November 12, 2012


Well, I don't know about yours, but our weekend was pretty much perfect. In a lazy weekend sense. Friday my boss so graciously let me leave early because there was a storm a brewin'. I made it home with enough time to walk the dogs, throw snowballs to Cooper, and watch 2.5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy before J.Rue got home. I don't know why he thinks my job is harder than mine. Plus, I have to worry about his dumb slippery car getting him home safely to me. It's hard being me. Once he did finally get home, we promptly cozied up downstairs, ate a large stuffed crust pizza and kicked off our Christmas movie watching season with Christmas Vacation. A must, if you ask me. More on my essential Christmas movies on a later date.

Saturday brought knee-high snow, more snowball throwing, snow tires for j.rue (thank the heavens above!), a crazy costco run, shopping with two of my favorite gals, a haircut for Maggie, a chili cook-off, and more shopping with the same ladies. It's one of those where you do a lot, but don't get a lot done. I kind of love those.

I know you're begging to know, so I'll share my beauty secrets with you. To get my look make sure to wake up reaaally early and play with your puppies in the snow for an hour or so, shovel the driveway, spill wax on your favorite sweater, kiss your husband, clean off two cars, put your hair up in a bun, and don't forget to not put on any make up and definitely don't fill in your eye brows AT ALL.

I really just put up this picture so you can actually see Maggie's face. The poor gal is usually much more fluffy and matted. Thank goodness for good groomers. Also, notice the pink -- it's an adorable bow that she got off in about 1.4 seconds once we got home. In the snow. With some mud. Good thing she keeps my feet warm at night.

And, just because this post is full of adorable family members, we couldn't leave her out. The littlest shopping buddy. Oh, I took lots of awesome pictures on Saturday. I won't promise to put them up, because I probably won't, but if I do, how excited will you be? Low expectations people.

Happy Monday! I have a feeling this week is going to be a good one!


  1. chelsea, which part of utah do you live in? And your posts/life are adorable.

    1. We live up in Northern Utah...about 30 minutes north of SLC in Kaysville. And thank you! I love reading your posts too. Your little girl is to die for!!!