Monday, August 27, 2012


please ignore my gnarly toes and just be glad you don't have to live with them on a daily basis. 

want to hear something awesome? remember those hawaiian sandals that i wanted REALLY bad, but couldn't find or describe? i found them!!!

i saw a friend wearing them, cornered her and told her that if she got them in the actual state of hawaii and didn't know where i could buy them i would simply die.

thankgoodness she knew exactly where i could buy them...for $5.99...i suppose that's why the bums in hawaii wear them. the only downside to this website is that shipping was $6, but still oh so worth it. side story that is totally related: i ordered these brown pieces of heaven on a wednesday and left for vegas on a friday. i was walking around fashion show mall and lo and behold a sketch looking hawaiian souvenir shop (in vegas) called abc stores, the same as the website i just ordered from and paid $6 in shipping too, had my dang sandals, for $5.99. don't you love when that happens?

anywho, see those little bumps? they massage your feel while you walk. the sandals are made out of this weird air filled rubberish material that makes me swoon. they're fantastic and by far my most favorite purchase so far this year. and that's saying a lot.

in other very exciting news...we got a dryer!!! to be picked up tomorrowish. it's amazing how going without an every day convenience makes you appreciate it oh so much when you get it back.

also, we had an unexpected peach reaping yesterday. it was all so very exciting. if you were to walk into my house right now, you would be hit with a delightful peachy scent. please don't though because i'm not home and that would be creepy. mama and papa ruesch were kind enough to stay and help us pick. now we have a naked peach tree and gobs of picked peaches. the best of each if you ask me.

our peachy tree is an old geezer and keeps having branches die on him. he's a soidier though and we're hoping to get a few more good years out of him. keep it together ya old fart!

Happy Monday. We're hoping for a good week here at Ruesch Manor.


  1. You must tell me where you bought those sandals! I love them, my aunts brought them back after they were at Byu Hawaii and haven't been able to find them since!