Wednesday, August 22, 2012


but aren't you so glad you get to witness the high quality that this photo brings to the table? dang you ipad.

..will not be found on this blog today and probably not even tomorrow. i'm tellin' ya, my days get away from me! on monday i was actually about to upload the photos, remember how i said i took 100 pictures at bear lake? try 754 to be exact. yikes and not fun to go through. anyone want to come over and go through them for me and pick out the best for my post? i'll pay generously in grilled cheese sandwhiches, sanpelligrino, and puppy snuggles. anyone? anyone?

anyway, then tuesday i got the chance to go and play with my favorite little brookie jayde and chat up her mama late into the evening, so obv. nothing got done. we may have a serious problem on our hands with them living so close. a problem that i will gladly take on. then, yesterday was some much needed gym time and family meetings. you know those family meetings, they just can't wait. don't feel too bad for me, there was chicken and pasta involved.

so here we are, wednesday, and guess what i'll be doing tonight? uploading photos hanging out with brookie while the mama does some packing, so they can get their tushies up to our neck of the woods! finally! finally, i tell you! but thursday, thursday may be the day. but i also just had friends get back from alaska/canada/where ever else in the heck they were, so there is a much needed hang out that needs to be adressed.  friday will bring a baby shower (i heart babies!) and saturday will bring a bridal shower. maybe sunday? we shall see, as i'm sure that you are all on the edge of your seats, checking my blog every hour on the hour waiting for these blessed photos. i know it's true.

also, on a slightly related note, i ran on the treadmill for 20 solid minutes yesterday. miracles still do happen in this modern day. i was planning on going to body jam (the one where you dance all hip hop like) but then there were only 2 other ladies in the class and just no. people totally walk by and watch. rude. so, on the treadmill i went. do you want to know the miracle that got me through those 20 minutes?

okay, i'll tell you. have any of you byu fans seen this video? it makes my husband go all primal and flex his muscles and make loud grunt like noises. something i'll never understand? anyway, i did notice this music was nice an intense. say, perfect for treadmill running?

the song is called "mind heist" and you can download it on itunes for $3.99. you should maybe seriously consider doing it. i mean, if you want to run faster and basically be more awesome. this music will allow you to do so.

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  1. what a cute post! I'm with you on the running... i'm impressed by your 20 minutes. I can't seem to do five. ha ha. Happy weekend! xo