Thursday, August 30, 2012


1. Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz.
     a. because I love Disney 
     b. because look at Jack Black's face
     c. click here to see the rest.

2. I could get morbidly obese on these, and these alone.

3. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo - I am not a reality TV fan, I try but it just doesn't happen for me BUT
     a. this one takes the cake and I just can't help myself.
     b. please just watch one clip. I bet it won't be your last.
     c. can't.stop.watching.
     d. the mom and her sugar bear

4. I can see signs on fall in the trees and I love it! I wouldn't mind an early fall.

5. Today is my Friday, and I've never needed it more. I've come up with a system to prepare myself for the                following semesters:
     a. the week before fall semester and two weeks after fall semester suck
     b. the last four weeks of spring semester and the week after suck
     c. if you see me during either of these time periods I may or may not have the following symptoms
          I. foaming of the mouth
          II. incoherent speach
          III. twitching of the appendages

6. My BIL and SIL are moving less than 15 minutes away this weekend!!!

7. Lava Hot Springs over Labor Day! Including, but not limited to:
     a. tubing
     b. swimming
     c. hobo dinners
     d. ridiculous sleeping arrangements
     e. raucous singing and laughter

8.This tomato feta dip I'm making for the BYU game tonight.
     a. I could eat a 10 gallon pail of this by myself
     b. I'm also the nicest wife ever and bought this shirt - even though I would get severe lashings at work if    anyone knew I owned such a thing (I work at the U)

Happy weekend to me! and to you tomorrow! Unless you don't work tomorrow either, then good for you!

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