Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekending List

- dog walking
- pizza eating
- movie watching
- early sleeping (!)

- bush removing
- laundering
- kitchen scrubbing (ew)
- family napping
- aerospace museum
-sonic drinks
- brave
- grocery/shoe shopping
- early sleeping (!!)

- crock pot cooking
- lovely church
- cuddling
- eating, eating, eating
- airport trip
- early sleeping (!!!)

J.rue considers this anti-social, I consider is pure bliss. It's a very rare occasion that we are on our own schedule for a whole weekend. Except I was a good wife and took him to that museum that he's been dying to go to. How does he repay me? By letting me fall asleep in a chair in the middle of the museum for 20 minutes (it was hot). There was drooling involved. Rude j.rue.

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