Friday, June 29, 2012

link love

I think the excitement for the weekend increases about 5x when it's summer outside, but I've also noticed that the weeks are flying by -- that's a good thing when you want to get to your next weekend, but a not so good thing when you realize that school starts in 7 weeks, meaning more like 5 weeks for me. Sad. Saturday I'm taking j.rue on a surprise day date. Lately, we've been settling into a comfortable, but boring routine, and I'm just not okay with that. Here are some links for your lovely weekend.

oh, the places you'll go

fourth of july kebobs

favorite summer hair style. hands down.

cilantro lime butter and feta cheese, say what?!

currently coveting

modest is hottest - yes I really did just say that.

little love note

top 100 running can always add more!!

best summer scent

If you have Netflix, you should consider watching this

whitest whites


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