Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Kaysville is kind of a funny place. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally and completely head over heels for it, but like every cute place it has it quirks. One of it's quirks is the AHMAZING Kaysville parade. Basically the best parade that ever walked this earth comparable to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. When we moved in we were told that is was something one should NEVER miss. People set out their chairs and rope off their sections early, and when I say early I mean around 11 pm last night. When I was driving into work, I saw at least a dozen more people marking their territory at 6:20 in the am. What?

So, last year was the first year that Jeremy and I were able to make it to the parade. We were losers and didn't set up chairs a month in advance, but the parade is a whole 3 houses down from us, so we walked, finagled our way into a spot and waited...and waited...and waited. The parade proudly marched on for about 90 minutes with a float about every 5 minutes, with some candy thrown out here and there. Except, I've now learned when you don't have children yet, you really have no grounds to run after that piece of salt water taffy. After about 1.5 hours and 7 floats (okay, that's maybe a bit of an exaggeration), the town water fight started.

After the parade they have a HUGGE water truck come down main street and drench people, while those people pull out their water balloons and guns from out of no where to get them back. I kind of love that part. J.rue's trying to talk me into bringing out water balloon launcher. I don't know how I feel about hitting random people with our water balloons. I'll let you know what I decided Thursday.

Are we going to go to the parade again? Probably some of it. I feel that I've been converted to a true Kaysvillian and we've gotta support our old gal. But I'll be sure to bring my own salt water taffy. Is it the greatest parade to ever grace our presence? Well, you're always welcome to come and join us tomorrow. But, j.rue will probably try to get you with our water balloon launcher or fungulator as it was so fondly called when I went to high school. Did anyone else ever call it that? Let me know, I need validation. For realsies.

Lastly, I've had an epiphany that I though I'd share with all of you. Because, well, how often do you get to read about those? You lucky dog, you. Anyway, I realized that I loooovveee holidays (can I get a duh?). I decorate my house for every.single.one. But, I've never felt bold enough to decorate myself. Don't get too excited, I'm not talking body paint or those adorable Old Navy flag tees with the year on them. But I do think that in honor of all things holiday, I should at least wear the colors. So, from this holiday forward I plan to be "that obnoxious bunch" and outfit my whole family in holiday colors, because when you're the wife/future mom you can do that. right? I'm gonna say yes. And, I love that as I'm getting older I'm caring less and less what people think about me, because why should I?

You better believe I've had j.rue's outfit picked out since last Tuesday. He has confirmed that he will wear said outfit. I have a vision for mine as well, but it will not be complete without red stripey shoes. Oh, and by the way, do you know how hard it is to find red stripey shoes?! Speaking of Old Navy, they have some adorbs red stripey kicks, but of course they are not sold in stores and I just decided yesterday that Wednesday can not happen without those red stripes. I think j.rue would murder me if I paid overnight shipping, so I'm opting out of the online shopping - my old reliable - and going store to store to see what they have. boo.

Want to see how blatantly red white and blue I plan on being?

Okay, so you have to work with my vision here. I don't think anyone should ever to legally be allowed to wear that much white, especially me. The shirt is the exact same, except navy blue. And, of course, those red stripey shoes are no where to be found on the Wasatch front, so I'm on the hunt this evening. J.rue has even vowed that we will not return home without some version of a red stripey shoe. Isn't he the best?

If you've seen any floating around let me know! You guys are the best at that. And you know, I think that's all.

happy 4th!

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