Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Bucket List: 2012 Edition

Here it is folks, the 2012 Ruesch Summer Bucket List. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into creating this baby. Okay, I'm maybe overexxagertaing a little, but it did take a solid week for us to come us with everything we want to do. It's a little exhausting to look at, but it makes me super excited still.

Summer doesn't "officially" start until June 21st, but as long as it's warm we can count it as summer, yes? I'm hoping this list will help j.rue and I to avoid the, "what do you want to do?" and the response, "I don't care, you choose." Then we proceed to sit on the couch and watch tv or j.rue will sneak downstairs to play the xbox of evil. We just can't have that.

1. the color run
2. buy a hammock
3. read 2 {real} books on said hammock
5. Volley ball in the backyard
6. "movies under the stars" at the capitol
7. camping at bear lake
8. eat outside at the oaks
9. fire pit party with friends
10. nerps
11. replace the fence {boo, but yay!}
12. hike adam's canyon with the puppies
13. driving range
14. spot a shooting star
15. fireworks {kaysville, 24th in ogden, taylorsville}
16. croquet
17. savor a whole box of pineapple popscicles
18. walk to the dollar theater {and then go to a movie}
19. girls camp!
20. make fruit salsa and cinnamon chips
21. st. george
22. swimming {at least 4 times for j.rue's sake}
23. eat at one dine o' round restaurant {at least}
24. picnic at a cute park
25. make ice cream
26. las vegas ladies trip!
27. visit the doggy park
28. tour mrs. cavanaugh's chocolate factory
29. bike rides at dusk
30. eat blueberries
31. watch the sunrise
32. turn on the oven no more than 3 times
33. kiss on a ferris wheel
34. geocaching
35. nelson's custard
36. all day movie marathon {when it's just too dang hot out}
37. visit ashley in logandale {before she has her baby -- and then after!!}
38. mini golf
39. hike to the Y
40. snow cones -- 5 so i can get the 6th free
41. make a bird feeder
42. wear my salt waters for 10 days straight
43. watch the moon rise
44. try turkey burgers
45. SLC farmers/arts and crafts market
46. free outdoor concert with little caesars pizza
47. drink nehi peach soda {on my hammock}
48. pizza on the grill
49. annual lava hot springs trip
50. hike mt. tipanogous
51. paddle boats in slc
52. visit greece {or some other foreign country - any suggestions?}
53. 4-wheeling
54. make green smoothies
55. technology free weekend
56. zip lining
57. fly a kite
58. do an act of service
59. visit the spiral jetty
60. go to a dinner mystery theater
61. achieve my goal weight
62. greg laswell concert
63. Shooting {j.rue finds this fun for some reason}
64. Fairview with the Ruesches
65. drive-in movie