Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dog Breath

Last night for dinner {at 9:30pm} j.rue got kind of hungry for dinner, I know right? So, being the wifely wife that I am, whipped up a house specialty: buffalo chicken quesodillas. Bless those that invented the quesodilla maker.

Remember how I wrote about my eyebrows and I was on a mission to "maintain" my own? Well, it didn't work and last night I gave in and went to get the furry mammoths waxed. I pull up and my usual place is closed, of course. There would be no giving up though, my eyebrows were starting to become radically disobedient and rebellious. I even caught them joining forces to become one. Bad news. I called the next closet salon and they were booked, of course. Then I called the last salon in that .4 mile radius {yes there are 3 salons within 1.4 blocks of each other}. A lady answered and said she was just leaving but would wait if I could get there in 3 minutes. She wasn't kidding either.

I ran in and little did I know that I had just made an appt. with the Eyebrow Drill Sargent Master of Kaysville. She did not mess around. No small talk for this lady, just straight to business. She plucked and tweezed my poor eyebrows within an inch or their life. I started to panic, thinking that I would have those thin high arching eyebrows when she was done. I may have shed a tear, not for the loss of eye brow hair but out of excruciating pain. When she was done she handed me a mirror and I was prepared for the worst. Lo and behold, the best eyebrow waxing of my life! I can honestly say that they could win a beauty pageant. The best part? It cost me a total of $8, well, plus tip. But when was the last time you walked into an $8 brow waxing and were impressed? Me either.
{this is my excited for CCC face, but do you see the brows? perfection I tell you!}

Lastly, I just have a tiny share for all of you dog lovers out there. Greenies, the answer to all your rancid doggy breath problems.

A while ago these had a bad rap, so I did my research before putting them anywhere near my dogs. Apparently the old formula was hard and wouldn't digest in the intestines causing a blockage if the piece was too big. The new formula is much chewier and soluble. I feel okay about them.

 Maggie was the worst culprit of bad breath in our house. Her breath smelled like a can of tuna that was put in a dirty gym sock that was  found in a dead body's hand. Did I create a vivid enough picture? It was bad. When we picked up our first bag I was expecting to smell delightful minty goodness when opened. Well, that didn't happen. The treats actually kind of reeked. I was skeptical. But, within 3 days Maggie's breath smells much less like a dead body and more like, I don't know...nothing really? It's really neutralized everything, plus both puppies love the treats.

They're on the pricier side, but I will continue to buy now and again for maintenance so we don't have to pull out the gas masks again.

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