Wednesday, March 21, 2012

City Creek! City Creek! City Creek!

City Creek Center {CCC} opens in T-minus 24 hours. Unfortunately, I'm a working stiff so I won't be getting my taste of heaven until about 5:30. Tomorrow will be a painful day, indeed. These are the stores that I'm most drooling over:

Albion Apparel
Cotton On
Disney Store*
{new swanky} J.Crew
Restoration Hardware
Steve Madden
Tiffany & Co.
White House Black Market

The only thing that they're missing is Madewell. Best thing about CCC? It's approximately 22 minutes from my driveway. I will no longer have to decide whether it worth the 35 minute drive to Fashion Place mall or decide if I want to play Speedy Gonzalez during my lunch and try to make it there and back in an hour for a tube of mascara. Harder than it sounds. I'm excited folks, excited enough to brave the crowds. I hate crowds, this is huge for me. 

There will be places like this in heaven, right?

It will, I've prayed about it.

p.s. click here for the full CCC store directory. Maybe we'll see each other tomorrow? Okay, lets plan on it.

* You know you're nostalgic for some Disney Store. The only time I've ever been inside one of these is at the actual park. It's like a tiny taste of Disney in your own back yard.

** This one is supposed to be large. And when I say large I mean large. At least, that's what I've heard. Hopefully my source of information is not making me lie to you.

*** Have you seen the Sephoras north of Salt Lake? It's sad business. 

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  1. city creek makes me jealous that i moved away from utah! enjoy all the fun shops for me! xo