Friday, February 3, 2012

a taxing weekend

{this photo is totally irrelevant to this post, but don't we all need a cute fat-cheeked niece to look at every once in a while? You can borrow mine today. You're welcome.}

Know what's fun? Opening my office door this fine Friday morning and having bucket loads of work, emails, appointments, and voicemails dumped on my head. Know what's even more fun? Knowing the looks that I'm going to get from all of the students that I meet with today. I'm sure it will be a mix of pity, slight disgust, with a sprinkle of "why the heck were you not here to help me with this thing that I procrastinated until the last minute." Yes that look.

I'll just thank my lucky stars that it is Friday. Tomorrow our tax man comes. We love our tax man, coming to our house and putting up with our crazy unorganized antics. Then I shall be journeying to David's bridal to fulfill more bridesmaid duties. I do love being a bridesmaid {I often channel my inner Katherine Heigl from 27 Dersses}. If any of you are looking for one I'll again be fore hire after Sept. 21st. You know, just in case you were looking.

I also think I shall sleep through the super bowl.

Good plan.

Happy Weekending!

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