Monday, February 6, 2012

Bed Sores

I have no more patience for the sickness that has long overstayed it's welcome in Ruesch Manor. It's taken bunk since last Tuesday. LAST TUESDAY. That is how long I've been out of commission. There are bedsores starting to form. Exaggeration? Yes. I'm used to the 24 hour guys, but this is getting a a little ridiculous. Thank goodness for long relaxing weekends.

I think the hardest things that I did this weekend were the dishes, the stripping and washing of bedding, getting our tax documents together and watching record amounts of Downton Abbey, SMASH, One Tree Hill, Mad Med and not so great 80s movies {like Peggy Sue gets Marries -- jealous?} All which I recommend, except for maybe the really bad 80s movies.

J.Rue learned this weekend that when you send your wife in {with very strict orders} to get tissues and ibuprofen ONLY she will inevitably come out with ibuprofen, fancy looking flu medicine only for severe cases {which would be us, of course} strawberry flavored cough drops, fruit rolls ups, Odwallas, gummy bears, chips, and no tissues. Oops.

Sunday came and church was a no-go, I really did miss it this Sunday. However, the superbowl party did happen. I think this is okay when 80% of the attendees have some kind of ailment. Which we did. We're just passing the love around. I think I did everything possible to not watch the game, but I watched the last 3 minutes and the Giants won, which is good because that's who the household was pining for. I really went for the food, and boy did we have food. It was a feast. Thank you to my in-laws for spoiling us with bucketloads of goodness.

{this was only about 60% of the offerings}

We're praying for a healthier week. Oh and just in case you're wondering, False Lash February has been deferred until a later date. I have however, been getting ready every morning. Even if it is just putting on a coat of mascara and putting my hair in not as scary of a bun. It counts. I swear it's helped me feel better during the day. Swear it.

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