Thursday, February 2, 2012

flu flu go away come again another day...not

Just so you're impressed I'm simultaneously watching studio5 {on mute} on my TV, blogging on my compy, watching downton abbey on my ipad and editing photos on my phone. All while being bogged down by the flu. And no, I didn't get the flu shot. I know shame on me, I've heard.

I'm still home and obviously flu laden. Poor j.rue came home last night with pretty much the same thing, poor boy. I think we turned in about 8:15 last night. Bla. I woke up this morning with the intent on going to work, so I got up showered and then got right back into not happening today. Missing work is almost as miserable, but not quite as much.

At about 10 Coop was begging to go on a walk. He lets me know this by staring at me with his big brown eyes and then scratching at the front door. At our house front door scratch means walk, back door means potty. Smarty pants. I felt sad for him and a little cabin feverish myself {laying in bed, not my favorite as of late} So I put on my lashes, compliments of Katy Perry {I had to, it's False Lash Feb.}, pulled on my boots and strapped on the leashes and we were off.  It was nice to get out for a bit. We took our time taking in the fresh air, sniffing in the cold smells {more the dogs than me}, and looking at the thin layer of powdery snow, the fluffy kind that has big chunks of sparkles in it -- it almost looked fake.

After about 20 minutes the cold started having a boxing match with my lungs and was knocking the wind out of me. We cut our walk short and made a beeline to the house, much to coop's chagrin. I stipped off the leashes, boots and jeans the second I walked into the house and jumped right into comfy pants. Oh, comfy pants how I love thee, comfy pants. Now I am in bed and here shall I stay for the remainder of the day.

Oh, I guess I should show you my lashes huh? I was a little wussy and got the least dramatic lashes I could find, unfun. I think I'll venture out this weekend to find something a little more fun, that will still be acceptable for the place of work.

On a slightly related note Cooper just blindsided me with a big lick to the left eye, resulting in the licking off of said left lash. I had the pull it out of his beard before he gulped it down.

False Lashes: 2  Chelsea: 0
...and tomorrow will be a new day.

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