Thursday, February 23, 2012


I go out for lunch a lot, probably too much, but it has introduced me to some delicious local places. My most favorite right now has to be Pinon. Everything is made to order, homemade, and chopped daily. Their bread is to die for. Really, I would die for it. It's a little bit crusted on the outside and perfectly pillowly soft on the inside. And don't get me started on the pesto mayo. Oooooh the pesto mayo If you're not a mayo person, you will at least be a pesto mayo person after you try one of their sandwiches. If you are one of those that stresses about those little critters called calories then leave off the cheese {they charge $1.00 extra for it anyway} Let the mayo take it's place! At least your not eating both cheese and mayo at the same time right?

Have you ever had anyone every give you permission to sub mayo for anything? I bet not. You're welcome.

My all time favorite is the oven roasted turkey {on wheat}, but their risotto is good, oh and so are their sugar cookies, and fruit tarts. Actually, you just really can't go wrong. It's that kind of place. They also have a special "date-night" menu for Fridays. I think j.rue and I will surely be checking that out very soon.

Next time you are in SLC and hankering for a good well,  anything:
Pinon Market & Cafe
2045 E 1300 S
open Mon.-Sat. 7-7

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